Chiron Into Aries

by | Mar 12, 2019 | Astrology

CC NOTE:  For accurate CCs, click ‘English‘ (NOT ‘Auto-Generated). I’ve fixed them for you—KR.

It’s 14:53 minutes. Also this was filmed in 4K on my iPad (though under bad lighting — fortunately for me!) so you can try watching in 720p HD  (at least the cushions look better!). (This video is also available on my website under the Videos tab.)

From my Description Notes under the YouTube video:

I’ve been working with Chiron in personal astrology charts for over 30 years. I don’t see Chiron as a ‘wound’ of any kind, and certainly not the ‘wounded healer’, but a vital key to the entire chart.

Chiron moving into Aries on Feb 18 2019, has triggered a subtle brain-change in our attitudes to our own life paths. Here, I explain a positive view of Chiron in our lives, and its 10-year transit through Aries.

A NOTE for clarification: The Sign frequency that Chiron is filtering through is more pertinent for the masses, for our collective resonance, as this is a shared experience that lasts for years.

The House position (which depends on the precise time of day when you were born) is more pertinent as a frequency for your own personal expression, as are the Aspects to Chiron at that time.

For calculating complete asteroid lists, see the SIRIUS Software program (Windows) by Cosmic Patterns Software—it can be found at . And thanks to David Cochrane there for his Chiron glyph from SIRIUS. Check out his YouTube channel, David Cochrane Astrology. For information on how I use SIRIUS (and on my MacBook!) for calculating full lists of asteroids, see my webpage

I’ll have online courses, on my system of astrology, up and running soon (and will of course announce them here).

And a final Thank-you to Joe Bagale for making his wonderful “The Making of Thumbs Up” music available for use on YouTube. I never tire of it!

Cheers! Have a happy Chiron-in-Aries adventure!

May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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  1. Kerrie Redgate

    New Note since I made this video: Have you noticed how many companies (especially SAAS businesses) have been suddenly rebranding, and racing to instigate subscription models for their normally ticketed services? It’s been like an avalanche! Some changes may have come from flashes of insight during the Uranus Sign-changing, but it seems that Chiron’s new shift into the Aries filter has sped the process.

    And we’ve just had two multiple-day online webinar summits (late March 2019) from two of the most popular professional online course platforms, Thinkific and Teachable—at the same time!
    If you’re thinking of creating an online course (Chiron in Aries is a good time to start!), with total control over your student data and finances (rather than engaging a “marketplace” platform), and especially if you’re writing a book, or have one already, that can be linked to your course, you may still be able to get the replays from Thinkific’s “Book to Course” 10-speaker webinar series—it was brilliant!—at this address:
    Have fun being exceptional!


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