The Election Goddess—An Astrological Tale

For three years, Anthony Albanese, as the leader of the Labor Party, the Opposition in Australia, was told he was “not allowed to go to the Ball”. The step-sisters spread terrible, unfair rumours about him and his faithful companions.

He had to stay behind and sweep the chimneys. So much soot and coal to clean up from the “nasty step-sisters” and their indulgent fires.

And then the miracle: The Moon Goddess appeared with the face of Aquarius. Aquarius, the bringer of Big Change and Power to the Independents.

The independents, also downtrodden for too long, rose up and made a beautiful gown for the Hero-denied.

And the step-sisters were astonished by its beauty, including the transparent glass slippers!

And the humble Albanese was able to go to the Ball, to fly to Tokyo without delay, as the new Leader of the Land.

The Independents were happy, so the People were happy. It was a new dawn! A new Beginning!

And the Aquarian Moon Goddess stayed for a day to survey the Land, and then vanished, her work completed.

Half Moon (by Michael of Unsplash)

And the lesson is,
if you’re planning an election
to stay in power,
you should never mess with
an Aquarian Moon!

May you always live your
Exceptional Purpose!

Kerrie Redgate 2015
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Gen-Z Teen Flower Essences


Kerrire Redgate | April 4 2022

ZTeen Purpose Formula

A Flower Essence Formula
for a Special Generation
& also for the Rest of Us!

Who is Gen Z ?

This Generation was born during the years when Pluto’s radio waves were filtering through the Sagittarius frequency in the Earth’s electromagnetic field. (Western Astrology does not use star constellations as its zodiac.) Today, these young people are presently aged between 14 and 27, born mostly between 1995 and early early 2008.

This means that most of the teenagers currently at school
are part of this one Sagittarius-Pluto Generation.

As very young children in the late 1990s, Gen Z was formerly known collectively as the Indigo Children as these kids displayed incredible wisdom and talents far beyond their years. It’s important now that they don’t lose their unique abilities and their confidence in their own inherent wisdom.

Where the political and economic demographics for our various Generations (analysed back to the early 20th century) are often vague and contradictory, the science of Astrology can pinpoint the precise dates (and even the minute) for these generational boundaries

I’m currently writing a research book on this topic, Pluto In Your Brain: Generations & Paradigms — you can check out the book page on my Book Series website via that link. This book is part of the first trilogy in my Astrology & Mind series, due for publication in 2023-4.

The Teenagers of this extraordinary Generation presently need guidance and support for their higher purpose in the world. As Teenagers, they are currently in an in-between state where they may not be valuing their gifts or inherent power. Although some of them are finding their voices and fighting for justice and legitimate causes, others are falling into deep depression.

This prompted me to create the Z Teen Purpose flower essence formula, designed especially for the collective issues experienced by Gen Z. This is what it covers:

  • focus & clarity of thought for complex studies
  • stimulating creative breakthrough with Purpose
  • strong sense of purpose
  • balancing left & right hemispheres of the brain to acknowledge intuition
  • creating safe boundaries without being controlling or fearing rejection
  • alleviating self-rejection, shame, guilt, fear—which create  “aloneness”
  • feeling comfortable being unique rather than feeling isolated by it
  • innovative problems-solving, lightening the load

And I’ve now come to realise that the individual flower essences in this formula can be highly beneficial for most of us right now, as we struggle with the massive changes occurring at this transitional time (in 2022) as we sit, poised  on the bridge, between two massively different global paradigms. 

Other individual flower essences and formulas can be added to this for personal issues (such as my Happy Drops, Survive!, and Power-Up formulas; and Study Boost may also be helpful for those at schools and universities). (See the link to my Bodhimind Essences site below).

Download the PDF
Full Formula Contents

You can order this formula in 
50ml or 100ml external spray bottles

For a better understanding,
 let’s look further at Pluto and its effects
on the psyche of our Gen Z Teens …

Why Pluto ?

Pluto’s radio waves have been known to interfere with satellite transmissions and other radio communication and space weather inside the Earth’s field.

In the same way, Pluto can have profound effects on our psyche, as its radio waves resonate with, and stimulate, the survival mechanisms in the older (lower) areas of the brain. 

Astrologically, Pluto can stimulates not only our personal survival issues, but also those of the collective resonance that we share with others born during our same particular Pluto paradigm.

These paradigms vary in length between around 10 years and 30 years, as Pluto has a pronounced elliptical orbit, spending more time filtering through some frequencies  (which we refer to Astrologically as Signs) than it does through others.

In a separate book, I’ll be explaining how genuine astrology works, from a scientific basis.
… Currently still in the writing phase. 

Girl looking out window to trees

Generation Z will care deeply about the environment, about the circumstances people and animals have to live in. They will value freedom of thought and speech; and wide open spaces rather than tiny confinements. They will travel. They will will not ignore or choose to suppress other cultures. They will create in amazing ways.

This Generation has the scope to see beyond present boundaries. They are humanity’s hope for a Sane and Just future, for all life on this planet. But it’s important that they don’t feel hopeless in the face of our present global situation. They will only fight in a war that is just and has a higher, urgent purpose. But their instinct is not to harm.

I think of them as the Wisdom Generation.


Teenage girl at a garden window

The Paradigm
Gen Z 
have to live in

The Capricorn-Pluto Paradigm

Apart from the survival brain-resonance of the collective Generation we were each born into, all of the living Pluto Generations are also living through our current Pluto frequency paradigm.

This is what causes vast differences in the reactions from each Generation in how it copes with the current cultural dilemmas and world-trends.

Gen Z, collectively, is more sensitive
to the world situation
than any other living Generation.

And it’s a difficult time for them now as our present paradigm does not fit with their inherent ideals.

Our current Capricorn-Pluto Paradigm which began in 2008 (initiating the Global Financial Crisis, the collapse of democratic values, and the extreme climate emergency we now find ourselves in) is a foreign frequency for the collective Gen-Z / Sag-Pluto Generation to navigate. 

Whereas, their Pluto’s Sagittarius frequency drives them toward survival (Pluto) through freedom and justice (Sag) — note the huge student rebellion in Hong Kong, and the student outrage and action after particularly the horrendous Parkland high school mass-shooting in Florida USA, and now the desertions and surrendering of the young Russian soldiers in Ukraine who refuse to fight and kill without a just cause, as well as the Ukrainian GenZ people who are prepared to fight to the death to protect their country and its democratic freedoms.

The current Capricorn-Pluto Paradigm is closing down our freedoms and rights, through the rising of the Political Far-Right. Who would have thought Canada’s democracy could be in such peril? Sagittarius expands. Capricorn restricts. That’s how we learn. But we are getting closer now to the new era ahead in 2023.

The Next Pluto Paradigm

In one years’ time, in 2023, Pluto will shift gears into the Aquarius frequency, and this will be the time for many of our current teenagers to stand up and begin to make Changes. We already have Saturn in Aquarius, preparing the path of resistance and people-power Change. Even young people in Russia are risking arrest and jail time for peacefully demonstrating against Putin’s War in Ukraine.

Aquarius is the frequency that creates aversion toward restrictions that are not humane. It stimulates Revolution and Change. And it is arriving now in perfect timing for Gen Z to be awakened to their Reason for Being, and to move into their Power, even as very young adults. And this will be a 21-year paradigm — it will bring lots of Change.

Our Gen-Z Teens were born with a mission to come in and clean up the mess that my Generation (the Baby Boomers) had initiated. And given the chance, they’ll do a darned good job! 

Download the PDF
About the Formulas

May you always live your
Exceptional Purpose!

Kerrie Redgate 2015
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Something Dark This Way Comes

Something Dark
This Way Comes


It’s getting closer

It will be here exactly
on November 12 2019
at Midnight UT!

( 11am AEDT, 4pm Nov 11 PST )

If you’ve had an astrology session with me, you will understand the depth and subtlety of the sub-routines within the brain, and how they can sabotage our best intentions with precision and ease.
And one in particular lurks in the darkest recesses until stirred by circumstance to take the reins of our life, and steer us into a safe existence of mundanity.

We are at such a time…

No, this is not Pluto. It’s Hades, his Greek counterpart. Hades is an obscure phenomenon in the solar system that has never been sighted by telescope, radar dish, space probes, or other technological devices. But I’ve researched Hades for the past 30+ years (my book arriving possibly late 2022), with due respect to astrologer Alfred Witte who  discovered this enigma in the 1920s…

And now I’ve been Hadesed!! 

The entire top half of this blog post has mysteriously vanished! I’ve done a dig to see if I can find it in an old revision in WordPress, but it’s not there!! So, please bear with me, as I rewrite this to explain exactly what this transit is all about. … !!! [KR]

PART 2  | DECEMBER 4 2019

Finally, today, I’m attempting to finish the missing part of this blog post. And this is a fitting time, as the transit is within 1/2 degree again, and closing (again).

The global transit that is causing so much personal and professional sabotage is the Transneptunian (or Uranian) Point, Hades, being in alignment with the transiting North Node of the Moon.

Since ancient times, especially in India, the Moon’s Nodes have been considered as being profoundly spiritual in nature.

Being “nodes”, just as in music, they are points of intersecting  frequencies that are cancelled out, like a finger placed on a guitar string over a fret. There is no vibration where the finger has dampened the string, although this does shorten the string to produce a different sound frequency. 

The frequencies that are being cancelled out in the Earth’s field are at the points where the path of the moon (not necessarily the moon itself) around the Earth crosses the plane of the path of the Earth around the sun.

The moon’s orbit is on a 5˚  plane askew to our path, producing two points of intersection directly opposite each other at the same time. These are points where the moon’s orbital path rises to cut through the path of the Earth around the sun, and also where it sinks below that plane. These are the Moon’s Nodes.

The North Node is where the moon’s orbital path is rising (in the direction of Earth’s North Polar region) above our plane. This is the point where our spiritual purpose for this life is stimulated by forces outside the normal functioning of our astrology charts.

Remember, there is no vibration at the Nodes. So this is a place beyond our normal experience within our conscious state of mind. It’s a place of spiritual happenings.

This is why the Moon’s Nodes are so relevant in our astrology charts. They set important frequencies that we should ignite, ourselves, from our spiritual awareness.

Over the past 34 years, I’ve found that the North Node is also where Karmic Agreements (as I call them) take place. These Agreements had been made long before we were born, and are part of our plan,  where other people step in to fulfill the Agreement they have with us.

This is not karmic in terms of any kind of compensation, as the Sanskrit word karma simply means ‘action’ (in Buddhist terms, it’s the result of our prior actions as causes and conditions). Rather, these are steps that others take to help us move into action for our growth—regardless of whether we had asked them to be nasty or kind. They are karmic as they are the results of prior agreements. And they do force us into action. 

It’s important to remember that these Karmic Agreements have stepped outside the bounds of the frequencies within our astrology charts. They are not influenced by any currents in time and space.

Most people do unwittingly fulfill their prior Agreements—unless they’re stoned or drunk, which disconnects them from the part of the brain that accesses their higher mind while they’re experiencing their more primitive and emotional limbic system; and also, unless Hades is in alignment with the North Node! 

So, right now we have the situation where the master saboteur in the mind-stream can simply march into our lives (and consciousness) unhindered.

There are no gatekeepers at the Nodes.
(More on this in a forthcoming book.)

And due to this sabotaging influence, many people are not fulfilling their Karmic Agreements. So, this can leave some of us feeling a bit stuck.  

And on a practical note, have you noticed how many companies decided to alter their Terms & Conditions during these past couple of months? Not only altering them, but often to the detriment of themselves and their clients and customers!

I had email arguments with one company who have severely limited the number of people I can introduce to their services (through me simply using their platform), by suddenly restricting my use as a customer, of their platform. Another company did exactly the same thing at the same time.

Both companies had the advantage of free advertising via their branding on what I was sharing with my own clients. Preventing this is dumb. I’ve now pretty-much abandoned one of those companies and have had to go to the opposition of the other one to cater to more clients.

During this transit, not all, but many people have had many things go wrong in their lives, and within various areas and levels of drama. And of course, they blamed themselves. I was not immune, either. I was almost at the point of packing up my work and heading out to easy, dull employment somewhere! 

Things began to shift more happily on a personal level for many people right after the exact conjunction of Hades to the North Node in the sky. Energy started to move again. I think we’d all had so much of this transit already, that we had done our dash with it during the time when the North Node had moved into position within 1/2 degree of Hades.

But the transit is heading back again, as the North Node is shifting back towards the Hades.

. . . And, of course, not having finished this post on Dec 4th, I was determined to complete it today (December 8th) . . . And so we had a power outage all afternoon! No electricity! No modem, no internet.

Clever little Hades . . .

PART 3  |  DECEMBER 10 2019

But I’m back (finalising this in the wee hours), and laughing. . . That’s all you can do with Hades. Until he really starts playing dirty pool.

It’s not a big bad planet up there in the cosmos. (There are no ‘bad’ planets.) It’s us. Hades is an aspect of our own mind. But something up there triggers a subtle memory we would really rather not recall. However, Hades does show us how powerful our minds actually are. 

So I’ll leave this top section of this post, with a couple of dates for you to check over for the coming weeks, so you can be forewarned of any Hades shenanigans in your own psyche. If you’re blessed to have nothing in your chart around 9˚ to 10˚,  you may dodge this one. 

[Dec 6 2020: The world had no idea, at the time, of what was transpiring in Wuhan, China, during these transits, where a stealth-like deadly virus seemed to be spreading out of control! A pandemic had never occurred to me, as being the result of our use of these transits, but we are just too clever — it’s a perfect global sabotage!]

NEXT DATES: The Transiting North Node will be exactly 1/2 degree from Hades again on December 14 (2019), so that’s allowing Hades to sneak through again. Meanwhile they merge even closer until January 23 (2020), when they’ll be exactly aligned again, and will then begin to separate. [Added Dec 6 2020 Note: Check this timing with what was happening in China regarding the Covid-19 crisis and announcement!]

Inserted July 13 2021 ]
Exact transit
of Hades (as the Nodes have moved back a sign), this time in a quincunx aspect (150˚) to the transiting Moon’s South Node (so, also a semi-sextile 30˚ the North Node, but the quincunx is the stronger aspect) on July 9 2021. This geometrical aspect is always an initiation process. And the South Node is the Past, something hidden but still within us.

We have to make Wisdom from our Past, not fear or regret. Lots of people in a tizz right now. This quincunx aspect will be hanging around for a while yet, so stay on target with your goals, don’t be discouraged, and keep your Heart open! It’s a big world that needs every one of us to do our bit.

Out of the Darkness

The thing about astrological transits is that even though they sometimes recur, once you’ve mastered the energy they’re presenting to you, the recurring transit won’t affect you any more. But if you missed the opportunity the first time, you’ll get another whallop next time around!

BUT, you have many great resources within you!

You have a Heart (don’t miss the 3rd episode of my podcast, “The Sun—Your Heart—and Purpose”, where I elaborate on the Heart, astrologically and energetically). You can read it on my podcast site via the above link or listen to it there or on your favourite podcast platform.

You have your spiritual consciousness—though, this can be dampened down by a brain hijack.

Three planets (well, two and one “planetoid”) can help with any inner struggle:

Mars is a terrific defender against mundanity. I was slipping down, myself, as I have a couple of significant things between 9 1/2 and 10 degrees of two respective Signs. But then Mars came along and shook up my Hygeia asteroid (our highest healing capacity) from within a very close proximity, and she was awoken like Snow White being kissed by a prince. She immediately pranced off and shouted at the two Hades-dazed bodies in my chart and they immediately sprang back into action.

. . . Well, that’s how it felt to me!

And then there is Uranus. He’ll stir anything up. But when he does stir us, we have to be careful we don’t fall into an angry appraisal of the circumstances. Instead, we have to innovate, find new answers. And fast. And through Uranus, we can learn equanimity (the hard way!).

But there is another bodhisattva-source within us.

The ultimate challenge (or rather, ‘initiation’) of this current transit between Hades and the North Node—in your life and mine—is to recognise where we are placing our emphasis. Whether we’re focused on living through our “Self-Cherishing” survival instincts or our Compassion 

And it’s principally our Compassion that can overturn any argument from Hades. This quality of Heart-and-Mind can be accessed through the planetoid Chiron as the expression of our Bodhicitta, our ‘awakened mind’, which is hell-bent on being here for the benefit of others.

What other meaning can life have?

. . . Bless Hades and thank him for sharing! 

Bodhisattva: (Sanskrit) “courageous awakened being”; one who dedicates his/her life to helping others find liberation

Bodhicitta: (Sanskrit: “c” pronounced “ch” as in “church”) “the awakened mind”. This is the mind of Enlightenment, the mind that has detached from self and from mundane rewards, and focuses on assisting other beings. This is an attribute of the Bodhisattva (which is the potential of each one of us)

Chiron Into Aries

Now a Podcast Bonus Episode

Chiron Into Aries

Update: March 5 2020

Here’s the link to this episode’s page
on my podcast website:

NOTE: I’ve made the video ‘Private’ on YouTube, and have adapted it for the podcast instead. There are some new bits here that I’d originally edited out for the video, and other bits from the video version that I’ve now deleted, so the podcast version is not exactly the same.

From my Description Notes under the YouTube video:

I’ve been working with Chiron in personal astrology charts for over 30 years. I don’t see Chiron as a ‘wound’ of any kind, and certainly not the ‘wounded healer’, but a vital key to the entire chart.

Chiron moving into Aries on Feb 18 2019, has triggered a subtle brain-change in our attitudes to our own life paths. Here, I explain a positive view of Chiron in our lives, and its 10-year transit through Aries.

A NOTE for clarification: The Sign frequency that Chiron is filtering through is more pertinent for the masses, for our collective resonance, as this is a shared experience that lasts for years.

The House position of Chiron at your birth (which depends on the precise time of day when you were born) is more pertinent as a frequency for your own personal expression, as are the Aspects to Chiron at that time.

For calculating complete asteroid lists, see the SIRIUS Software program (Windows) by Cosmic Patterns Software—it can be found at . And thanks to David Cochrane there for his Chiron glyph from SIRIUS. Check out his YouTube channel, David Cochrane Astrology. For information on how I use SIRIUS (and on my MacBook!) for calculating full lists of asteroids, see my webpage

I’ll have online courses, on my system of astrology, up and running soon (and will of course announce them here, in the newsletter, and everywhere I can!).

And a final Thank-you to Joe Bagale for making his wonderful “The Making of Thumbs Up” music available for use on YouTube. I never tire of it! [March 2020: I had used it on the video version. But my podcast features my own music, “Zen of Smooth”]

Cheers! Have a happy Chiron-in-Aries adventure!

May you always live your
Exceptional Purpose!

(I’d love to read your comments)

For more on astrology and your purpose,
listen to Kerrie Redgate’s new podcast,
Your Exceptional Purpose | Astrology
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Here’s my ‘Chiron In Aries: A Positive View’
bonus episode on Apple Podcasts:

Uranus into Taurus


At 8:28 AM UT (Greenwich England) on the 6th of March 2019, Uranus settled into the Taurus frequency.
It will be there, oddly enough, until the same time (8:28 AM UT) on April 26 2026—so that’s a good 7 years.

We experienced a precursor to this when Uranus dipped his toes in the mud of Taurus on May 16 2018 (UT). And as Uranus provides such a fast-moving frequency for us, it often affects the brain a little ahead of any exact transit. So, it was May 14 2018 (U.S. date) when the U.S. opened its new Embassy in Jerusalem, asserting its recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This certainly “threw mud” in the face of the Palestinians who were of course outraged.

This was also a most unfortunate date, as it coincided with the anniversary of the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian towns by Zionist paramilitaries in 1948. Plus, this was the day prior to the anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel.

The result was severely violent clashes in the Gaza Strip, with loss of life and thousands of Palestinian injuries. We’ll get to the astrological “why” in just a moment.

Another Shift

Uranus moved backwards (so to speak: retrograded, in astro-talk), to land in Aries again on the now historical day in November 2018 when the U.S. Mid-Term Elections resulted in a massive ‘blue wave’ that overtook the country, where a significantly higher number of voters decided to take charge of their rights and independence by not only actually voting in the Mid-Terms, but by electing an unprecedented number of women, mostly Democrats, to the U.S House of Representatives. This gave the House back to the Democrats, placing Nancy Pelosi firmly back into the Speaker position, regaining the Gavel. This also places Pelosi as 3rd in line for the Presidency. So if President Trump and VP Pence both go down together, after the Mueller Investigation is concluded… An even bigger power shift may occur! 

And Back Again for the Long Ride

So, now we find ourselves with Uranus filtering again through the Taurus frequency, and for a solid 7 years this time. Uranus stirs either our hatred and aversions (evident from the violence at the Gaza Strip), or it stirs our need for equanimity in our lives, as well as our humanitarian goals

The plot of Robert Mueller‘s meticulous investigation of the Russian Collusion issue, sidelined by the Obstruction of Justice case building against Trump, is certainly thickening. And with Michael Cohen‘s most recent testimonies to the Intelligence Committee, and ongoing testimonies for the Southern District of New York, plus the House Democrats’ new power to now gain access to Donald J. Trump’s tax returns from the IRS, and the Power of Impeachment, things are speeding up toward the certain demise of President Trump. (Maybe the U.S. should establish a new ‘Independence Day‘!)

This will have a global effect for all of us, as every nation of the world has been sitting on the edge of its proverbial seat, waiting for Trump’s next Reality TV episode to begin.


And for the Rest of Us?

Uranus in Taurus can upset two major issues in our lives: our power and our values. These two things are interlinked. Uranus has a habit of tearing down old structures that no longer serve us, before it begins to inspire the new ones. Like Mars, it is a forward-moving stimulant, avoiding the obstacles of the Past. It inspires new ideas and processes, new visions, and will supply the equivalent of an electric shock if we are not getting on with our program!

Your personal power base could be affected if you are putting too much energy into something that is not your genuine path. And your values could be shaken to the core. 

But a word of caution: don’t take on the projections of others who have become angry about the situation they now find themselves in. I’ve seen this several times already, close to the day of the Uranus shift.

  • If they have a genuine gripe with you, fine. It’s out in the open. Maintain your Equanimity and work with them to resolve it.
  • But if you’ve suffered the outbursts of others through unreasonable or imagined causes, don’t take it to Heart, and maintain your Compassion and Equanimity, which may actually be the entire purpose of the interchange! 

Anything can happen with Uranus! But I think many power bases in global politics may begin to shift severely while Uranus begins its renovation projects. And money systems over the next seven years could also fluctuate wildly. 

Hang in there for the ride! Uranus can be an exhilarating thrill! … Or not …

(I'd love to read your comments)

PS: March 19 2019
A NOTE following the horrendous terrorist attack on the Muslim community in two mosques in Christchurch, NZ, on Friday March 15. Not only was the perpetrator said to be 28 years old, which is often the Saturn Return for many people (normally at age 28 to 29), leading to big karmic influences and consequences, but Uranus had only recently moved into Taurus (the shocking side of power issues, as explained above), and Uranus was also aspecting Vulcanus (Transneptunian Point) by square. If you have had personal astrology sessions with me, you may understand the significance of this combination: Uranus and Vulcanus together can certainly shock us out of our complacency! But our fears and terrors must always lead us to compassion, the final solution. This is the initiation we face.
May those Muslims, who have died so suddenly in these violent attacks, find peace with Allah.

10 Years On—Part 2: Karma & the Immoral


Karma & the Immoral


You may have downloaded my 2008 Insight Magazine article,
Cult or Consciousness: A Global Ultimatium,
if you physically subscribed to my newsletter.
If you hadn’t, grab it here now.

Have you read it? Did you recognise
that some of the trends mentioned in that article
are now taking shape in the world, especially in the USA?
— And we are not yet done with this Paradigm —

This is Part Two of several installments … Big paradigm!

Voyager’s surprising capture of Pluto for NASA/JPL — A Heart! Who knew!

This is
The Capricorn-Pluto Paradigm
—10 Years On—

Religious Leaders & Ethics 

While the combination of Pluto and Capricorn frequencies has been driving us to find security through ethical and responsible behaviour, and quickly zapping us with the consequences when we don’t, we have been witness to a parade of revelations about people in power and public life.

It has not only been in the arenas of politics and business that unethical behaviour has been oozing up from the slimy depths. Religious institutions have been getting a whack from this, as well, even though the big public exposés regarding the Catholic Church really began during the previous Sagittarius-Pluto paradigm, which highlighted the religious (Sagittarian trait) significance of these horror stories. But it is this present paradigm where the consequences are being met, and in a very public way.

Firstly, the past horrendous abuse of young boys, and some girls, within the Christian Churches, even from decades ago, has been showing up more prominently during this Capricorn-Pluto era. And recently, Australian Cardinal George Pell‘s controversial case has been particularly shocking due to his high ranking in the Church. (2021 Note: Cardinal Pell has since been exonerated of his presumed sexual abused crimes, but has since become embroiled in the financial scandals of the Vatican.)

And secondly, this has not been restricted to Christians. I have witnessed the disgrace of one of the the Tibetan Lamas I had studied with for years, after it was revealed that he was leading an illicit  quadruple life with several young women (‘consorts’) as well as his legal wife. (He had slipped himself up, by mistakenly sending an inappropriate text message to an unsuspecting nun!)

I had been stunned to hear of the scandals concerning this Buddhist teacher, and especially of his lack of regret. Even though I had not personally suffered any abuse at all, there were several women—each sworn to strict secrecy!—who had been engaging in sexual ‘Tantric Practices’ with this same Lama, each thinking she was the ‘chosen one’.

Young women can be impressionable, and are easily confused by male Authority (Capricorn reference) when in such company, especially in the uncharted waters of spiritual development, and spiritual ritual (Capricorn reference).

Some students have continued to support the Lama, while a number of his many centres have now been closed. And some of his centres’ Buddhist nuns have chosen to rejoin secular life. Who can blame them?

As for me, the sickening shock had caused me to shut anything Tibetan out of my life for several years—not that the Tibetans are to blame for this!—with Kuan Yin (a Chinese Deity) as my lifeline to the authentic Buddhist ideal. (Fortunately, I’ve had a number of ancient Buddhist lives in several other cultures to fall back on.)

And then there is the very public Sogyal Rinpoche case. After decades of sexual scandal, the once highly respected Tibetan Lama, best-selling author (The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, 1992), and one-time film actor (‘Little Buddha’, 1993), has finally resigned from the Rigpa organisation he’d founded in 1979.

Here is a Tricycle article about the mass after-effect from Sogyal’s resignation, from a psychological point of view.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has publicly condemned Sogyal Rinpoche’s behaviour, on a number of occasions, and deeply regrets the effect this has been having on the reputation of Tibetan Buddhism in the West. Though, he has remarked that this type of abuse of spiritual power has been happening in many types of religious institutions around the world. 

His Holiness has also reminded us that the Buddha had always stated that He was not to be ‘followed’, that we should not surrender to His Teachings or authority, but find our own way by questioning everything. The Buddha (and those who represent His Teachings) is merely a guide, a mentor, in our own pursuit of Enlightenment.

And in this context, we should not ultimately give away our spiritual power to any religious leader, despite especially the ancient traditions of the Tibetan Vajrayana, which I feel Western Dharma students have never been ready for—culturally, intellectually, or psychologically.

The Infallibility of Karma

In another, perhaps more fascinating, case in 2011—also during this Capricorn-Pluto era—a young 21-year-old Tibetan incarnate, Kalu Rinpoche, confessed before a group of his students, that he had been sexually abused at a monastery, by some of his monk teachers, when he was twelve years old. This was a shocking revelation for the Tibetan Buddhist community of the world.

But the reason this is such an interesting case is that we know who his previous incarnation had been: His Eminence Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche, a high Tibetan Lama in the Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

So I reasoned that for the present young Kalu Rinpoche to have attracted and suffered such abuse, and at a young age, there must have been some sort of a karmic cause for that in his previous life.

Karma is indeed infallible—but it is important to be aware that karma is not a ‘punishment’. Rather, it is a reflection of the conditions in one’s own mindstream and, hence, brain. This is a significant distinction. (More on this in my forthcoming book, You Will Reincarnate—read the Preface here on this site.)

The previous Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche had a Scottish translator for many years, who was a nun in the same Kagyu Tibetan tradition. As June Campbell, having returned to secular life, she wrote a book after Kyabje Kalu’s death, Traveller in Space: Gender, Identity and Tibetan Buddhismin which she confessed that even though she had consented, she had been coerced into a sexual relationship with His Eminence under the guise of a spiritual Tantric Practice. She now recognises this for the abuse that it was.

And so, three years after the Capricorn-Pluto paradigm began, the young Kalu Rinpoche, the direct reincarnation of His Eminence Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche, not only announced to a private group in France, but also announced to the world via a public YouTube video, that he had been sexually abused in the monastery as a child. 

Kalu Rinpoche

This took a great deal of courage for a young man to admit. And we have no way of knowing how much he may remember of his previous life, and how much he may regret its circumstances and its results. But it has certainly cemented his compassion for those who have suffered similar abuses.


More recently, there is also the case of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, the head of the Shambhala organization in the U.S., and the son of controversial Tibetan Rinpoche, Chogyam Trungpa who had died in 1987 at the age of 48 due to liver failure from alcohol abuse. Sakyong Mipham is now married with three children, and has recognized that his long-term abuse of his power must change.

Below, is a video of two wonderful, highly respected female Buddhist teachers, Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, the most senior Tibetan Buddhist nun in the world (made famous by the book, The Cave in the Snow, authored by Vickie MacKenzie) and Lama Tsultrim Allione (recognized as an emanation of Machig Labdrön from the 11th–12th centuries), Dharma teacher and author of many books focused on the empowerment of women in Buddhism (see especially her Women of Wisdom, and also her powerfully transformational book, Feeding Your Demons, which you may relate to if you have had a BigView session with me!).

We are blessed by their wisdom after having been asked to explain the scandals surrounding Sakyong Mipham. Their advice is worthwhile for anyone who has suffered any abuse by the power of another. 

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo (right) & Lama Tsultrim Allione (left): speaking about Shambhala’s Sakyong Mipham

As a Buddhist, when faced with these shocking dilemmas surrounding the ancient Tibetan Tantric practice of working with a consort to find Realisation, I return to the original Teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, who had never advocated such things. As we know, Siddhartha had left his wife and family to seek Enlightenment. And after He attracted many sincere followers, He eventually had to be persuaded, by those closest to him, to allow women to join his community, purely because He feared for their safety within a large gathering of ‘celebate’ men.

The Mind is a personal matter, and The Buddha taught that our attachments hold us back from full Realisation. So it would seem that a sexual consort is not going to help us bring about an independent mind of detachment and equanimity. If we depend on another for our Awakened Realisations, we are not fully Awake.

Also, from my understanding of astrological dynamics, I can see that sexual energy moves chi from the base of our chakra system upwards (how far it goes depends on our own clarity of Mind and Heart), and authentic Buddhist meditations are designed to bring the vast supplies  of cosmic energy in through the crown and downwards into the Heart and body, to reprogram every cell with Enlightened thought. 

All of the above-mentioned cases are tragic. And these are not isolated cases, depite there being many dedicated, ethical, and celibate monks and priests in both of these religious traditions.

And how much more of this abuse is going on in many other organisations, apart from the religious institutions, particularly social institutions of all kinds, not to mention the workplace—a big focus for Women’s Rights at present. (I have my own past stories to tell there, as do a great many women, globally! ‘#MeToo’.)

But it seems that no matter how long ago it had occurred, this current Capricorn-Pluto paradigm is the one that will dredge up the dirt and throw it in our faces. And, again, we’re only 61% of the way through this global transit.

This Pluto era is the time for us to find our inner discipline,
to create a reliable strength of character
that will see us through any challenge we may face in life.

In the NEXT INSTALLMENT, I’ll be covering the rise of Cults during this current Capricorn-Pluto Paradigm, and a bit more on Trump, which I suspect will be quite timely.

May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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Why You Shouldn’t Skip the Zoom-In Session

Why You Shouldn’t Skip the Zoom-In Session

If you’ve had a chance to read the Sessions page on my (fairly new) website, you’ll find that I have split my once gargantuan all-day astrology sessions! into 3 separate consultations.

Several reasons: My Age, Your Time, Your Money … and the ‘Murphy’s Law’ risk of hanging about on Skype for too long.

I’ve also found that with much shorter, more manageable, sessions, there are added benefits on both sides—

For me: Sleep! Food! … and fewer visits to my acupuncturist to have my spleen chi’ boosted.

For you: Spreads out the cost; contemplation time between sessions; less (relatively!) overwhelm; a chance to integrate and maybe ask more questions to follow-up; easier scheduling; and time to prep the mind for the new reality before more information hits.

The Disadvantages? When clients skip the Zoom-In sessions and go straight to the StrategyTransits! One-third of the process is missing. A part of the psyche is still hiding! But the Zoom-In session can be potentially the most personally transformative, which is why, I’m guessing, some people avoid it!

OK. So here’s the thing, the way I’ve broken up the sessions:

The BigView session describes the Outer You in the world. Your highest Purpose for this life; and any insidious sabotage that has been blocking that Purpose, the connection to a deeper Past that is still running a sub-routine in your brain. It’s the grand scheme for living your Exceptional Life Purpose.

HOWEVER,  to support that Outer You, you need to have a secure, well disciplined, savvy, spiritually-based Inner You. And THIS is the purpose of the Zoom-In session!

The Zoom-In session elaborates on the personal you that lives inside your head. The you that can show up with doubts, with imposter syndrome excuses, and with old limitations embeded into your psyche through sheer cultural (and past-life) conditioning.

There are ways that we can turn around old emotional habituations, all the challenging aspects in your chart, so that they become advantages, not hindrances. 

By understanding the source of these emotions (which is buried in a dead past), and then by recognising the potential inherent at their fundamental core level as frequencies of energy, we can manipuate those frequencies to put them into alignment with your Outer Self‘s adventure for this life! 

My studies and explorations into Asian philosophies have taught me a great deal about the mind and our view of reality; and the fabulous science of astrology has allowed me to see connections that are not normally obvious. 

When I was just 21, I changed myself from being an agoraphobic of three years, not even being able to get passed my front door to the letterbox due to severe panic attacks, to being a rock singer on stage pouring my heart out to strangers. That was a single leap! It can be done. And, yes, I had my first genuine astrology reading when I was 21. (He came to me.) I think that was a huge blessing, as it allowed me to begin to see life very differently.

The BigView must be supported by the self that perceives it. If you don’t build the personal and spiritual foundations underneath you, your Past has free rein to repeat itself over and over again.

After we have elaborated on the BigView of your life’s work, and Zoomed-In to restructure the inner you that supports it, it is time for the StrategyTransits to lay out the plan for the coming year, based on the tides of change that you will be experiencing. There is no ‘prediction’ in astrology, apart from the tides of the planets, as you can use these transits any way you like. They’re just frequencies that hit the brain. And we tend to use those frequencies habitually. Put yourself in control. But first know the self that is doing the driving!

And then be that self in accordance with your authentic Spirit, by accessing your Buddha-nature. 

Astrology is the most astonishing tool! … And don’t forget, I’m already 63, and won’t be around in this form forever (I may come back as a drummer next time!). So don’t put your life on hold for too long! 

Check out the Zoom-In page of my site HERE. (And if you’re reading this during my 2018  Special 7-Day Deal period, purchase a Zoom-In for the discounted extra time, and make the appointment date when you’re ready—I’m heading into a #4 Year, numerologically, and I’m finally getting serious about time-structure!) 

May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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Cult or Consciousness—10 Years On


The Era of Ethics


You may have downloaded my 2008 Insight Magazine article,
Cult or Consciousness: A Global Ultimatium,
if you physically subscribed to my newsletter.
If you hadn’t, grab it here now.

Have you read it? Have you recognised
that some of the trends mentioned in that article
are now taking shape in the world, especially in the USA?
— And we are not yet done with this Paradigm —

This is Part One of several installments … big paradigm!

Voyager’s surprising capture of Pluto for NASA/JPL — A Heart! Who knew!

This is

The Capricorn-Pluto Paradigm

—10 Years On—

The frequency from this little moon-sized object in our solar system resonates with your basic survival brain near the base of your skull. It keeps you alive. It keeps your heart pumping, and keeps you breathing while you’re sleeping. It moves your body away from imminent danger before you’ve even had a chance to think.

As this is not the place for me to describe for you the complexities of the electro-magnetic dynamics of our solar system (new book coming soon!), I will make this as brief and as simple as I can…

We are currently


of the way through this Paradigm

So when Pluto ‘switches Signs’, this means that the survival effects from Pluto are filtering through a different frequency in the Earth’s magnetic field, a combination that resonates with all iving things. It’s a dramatic switch of priorities for us. So our Plutonian survival issues are felt as a species. And these shifts can take place for spans of time from 10 to 30 years. 

So, as I’d mentioned in my ‘Cult’ article, this new Capricorn-Pluto paradigm began in early 2008, producing either a ‘cult’ or ‘tribal’ culture—people clinging to the security of a group (Neo-Nazis; Cult-of-Trump, etc); or the ‘conscious’ qualities of personal Ethics, Authority, and Responsibility. By 2024, we’ll be embracing a new Pluto paradigm.

So how are we doing ?

at the issues correlating with my original expectations
for this upheaval of a Global Transit,
and WHY they’ve occurred

Stat as of Oct 30 2018

(649 days)

Since Inauguration, Trump has made

False or Misleading Public Statements

Stat as of Jan 19 2020

(1,095 days — update!)

Since Inauguration, Trump has made

False or Misleading Public Statements

Ethical standards
are most definitely being called into play right now.
And it’s because we know that a Dystopian Future
awaits human civilisation if our current devolvement
is allowed to continue.

‘Ethics’ is the foundation stone
for Responsibility in the world.

Ethical behaviour produces
happy karmic results.

Unethical behaviour
leads eventually to ruin.

Some highlights from the ETHICS theme in this paradigm, so far:

  • We began with unethical practices being exposed in the finance and real estate industries (both Capricorn-resonant fields), especially in the US, which had caused an inflated (Sagittarius-Pluto) balloon to burst, globally, especially in 2008
  • The Russion violation of the U.S. 2016 election by the spreading of fake news through social media channels (as you’d recall, largely to discredit Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton)
  • A number of Australian politicians were discovered holding dual citizenships with other countries
  • The Australian Labor Party recently instigated the idea of developing a Federal Integrity Commission to investigate corruption in Australian politics, in the hope of reestablishing trust and transparency in the Australian political system
  • The now prevalent sexual assault scandals and “Me Too Movement” sweeping the globe—and these are largely focused on the Work Place. (Capricorn does naturally resonate with business in general, as this is also where we develop our Reputation for Responsibility and Authority
  • The escalation of ‘cult movements‘ across the planet, for good and ill (‘Cult or Consciousness’)
  • Of course, no one had missed the irony of the then U.S. Presidencial candidate, Donald J Trump, announcing back in 2016 that he would “drain the swamp” of American politics
  • Speaking of whom, as I write, President Trump seems certain to face Impeachment, and Indictment via the Mueller investigation [2020 note: AG William Barr put a stop to that! But proceedings are underway, with huge resistance from the GOP!]

President Trump has, himself, shone a spotlight on many vital issues for all of us—such a ethics, morality, and basic human decency—not by example, but by his outrageous display of precisely the opposite qualities! It’s only through seeing this abhorrent behaviour right in front of us, and within such a (presumably) responsible Office of US Government, that our outrage at unethical behaviour has been forced into sharp focus, indeed… (Re-enter former President Barack Obama on the world stage, for a severe contrast.) There is already a sizeable pile of books published on Trump and his Presidency.

It is a fascinating astrological point, that when Trump won the U.S. election he had transiting Chiron* on his Ascendant, indicating a time of high spiritual purpose in the world! So is he a bodhisattva-in-disguise or the Mad Trickster who inadvertently brings about global change? Well, at least the Swamp of Western society is more visible now, apart from the stench!

Some Other ‘Notables’:

Harvey Weinstein‘s sexual harrassment cases have been paraded before us, and that was not long after Tim O’Reilly had been booted out of the Fox network for similar behaviour.

And then in Alabama, Roy Moore, accused of pedofilia, and being politically supported by the President of the USA (himself, a self-confessed assaulter of women), which Moore (thankfully) lost to Democrat Doug Jones. And these were not isolated cases.

Even Democrat Senator Al Franken had been dragged through the mud and forced to resign for a humourless prank some years ago when he was a commedian, followed by a few other mild accusations from women of a long-ago past—but Franken had initially reacted by calling for an Ethics Investigation of himself! An ethical act, for sure.

News from the Ethics Committee investigating the Russia Collusion in the U.S.A. had appeared almost daily. And Special Counsel Robert Mueller is sliding in to Home Base for a big finale regarding Trump, himself:

* The asteroid ‘Mueller’ is opposite Chiron in Trump’s own birth chart,
and aspects his Ceres (his family)!

More on that soon, as Mueller’s team move in to finalise the Obstruction of Justice case and the Russia Probe Investigation.

( I’m planning a small book right now, disclosing Trump’s last incarnation and its impact on not only his current life, but also on the world! )

Ethical and Empathic behaviour is now being demanded of our leaders. During the previous Sagittarius-Pluto paradigm, we had taken human decency for granted, forgiving slips of immorality or corruption as ‘boys will be boys’. Even the crime rate around the world had fallen when Pluto first filtered through the Sag frequency in 1995. (Sagittarius resonates with the concept of ‘harmlessness’.)

But now that the ‘survival frequency’ from Pluto is being felt and expressed fully through the Capricorn frequency for our entire planet, we are no longer willing to be tolerant of such disgusting behaviour. And it is disgusting us, even though we had been living with it in our midst as far back as the establishment of human society.

And of course, the Judge Brett Kavanaugh appointment to the Supreme Court, just this past October 2018, has stirred a huge pot of angst among especially women all over the USA, and, indeed, the world. The protests were especially thick in Washington DC.

Kavanaugh was not only credibly (in my opinion) accused of a drunken attempted rape and assault upon a fifteen year-old girl in his high-school years, but it seems he has always had quite a penchant for beer. From his final Confirmation Hearing:

“Yes, we drank beer. I liked beer. Still like beer. We drank beer… Sometimes we drank too much beer…. I like beer… Do you like beer, Senator?”

The asteroid ‘Beer’ trines Kavanaugh’s Sun
in his own birth-chart!

Yes, he would LOVE beer! And I might just mention (for past students and those who have had astrology sessions with me), another aspect in his own chart is the asteroid ‘Kaiserstuhl‘ being on his Hades … !!  

Kavanaugh has a self-sensitive Cancerian Moon, which, in his case, may have been the cause for his childish emotional outbursts and partisan rantings during his final Confirmation Hearing for the Supreme Court. Such a display would have elicited a hefty fine and a Contempt of Court charge to any defendant exhibiting such behaviour in Kananaugh’s own Court! But instead, he gained a lifetime appointment to the highest Court in the USA… And he still likes beer

Emma Thompson has always been one of my favourite actresses. Here, in this BBC Newsnight interview, she discusses the climate of Hollywood for female actors, in light of the recent Harvey Weinstein scandals, and provides some advice for change.

Human Ethics is inextricably linked to the value of Dignity.

Without human dignity, there can be no spiritual expression in the world. We are each called upon now to do our part, to uplift the human condition, to access the personal authority and responsibility inherent in the Capricorn frequency and to use that frequency to stabilise the survival of the entire planet and every living species on it.

Capricorn and its resonant planet, Saturn, both emphasise the idea of cause-and-effect— Karmic results. Capricorn is also the frequency of ‘spiritual initiation’, it allows us to inherently understand the strength of the spirit in taming the ego-nature of the human form.

In this regard Saturn/Capricorn resonates with personal discipline and ethical behaviour, as the greed and laziness of the ego (which is the brain running the body instead of the Spirit running it!) is the quick path to nowhere.

Capricorn is the foundation for the spiritual journey we are on as human beings. When linked to Pluto, our sense of dignity, purpose, inner authority, and responsibility, become life-and-death survival issues. We either project those qualities onto anyone with a loud voice, or we develop them in ourselves. And in the words of Seth Godin, “This is the best shot you’ll ever get.” I’ll have much more to say on this in one of my forthcoming books.

This era, when used consciously, can now bring fabulous results, as Karma of any type is infallible… Karma, for nations as well as individuals, is something we will get to in future installments on this current paradigm.

But I’ll leave you on a brighter note …

A Happier Reflection of the Capricorn-Pluto Paradigm

One of the things I’d mentioned in the ‘Cult’ article was the possiblity of people beginning to once again appreciate things that are hand-made by artisans (by people of ‘reputation’!), rather than mass-produced cheaply and quickly. Also this would cover a revival of antiques or retro styles from the past.

This first movement has become known as ‘Bespoke‘, which originally meant “to speak”.  After having been used in the tailoring trade in times past, the term has now evolved into a Movement that places value on any one-of-a-kind hand-made piece of clothing, or furniture, decorative items, musical instruments, etc.

Apart from Ethics, Capricorn is a frequency that also generates a sense of value in unique things that have taken time and care to create, We are observing and appreciating the results of the discipline of others.

In Australia, we even had a ‘Bespoke’ TV series that showcased the work of young people now involved in producing unique items for sale at markets and in their own small warehouses. The drive for ‘specialty’ produces value in our lives, and at this time we are seeking to portray our own inner authority through what we wear, say, and do.

Read PART 2 HERE, where we take a look at the Religious scandals that have been bobbing up from the depths during this paradigm, even pertaining to Tibetan Buddhism, where we can see a direct Reincarnation of the Karmic cause-&-effect of a prior life of privilege and manipulation. Karma is infallible!

In PART 3 we’ll take a look at the psychological and karmic reasons for the Cults that have sprung up around the world, including the astonishing Cult of Trump. And how this trend has affected how we do business.

In PART 4 we’ll look at the polarity opposite of Capricorn, being the Cancerian frequency, and how that polarity now needs to be balanced, globally.

… There may be more Parts as this significant Paradigm continues to unfold (before March 2023), so stay connected! 

May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

(I’d love to read your comments)

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