Flower Essences

Gen-Z Teen Flower Essences

Gen-Z Teen Flower Essences

A Flower Essence Formula for a Special Generation & also for the Rest of Us!
Who is Gen Z ?
This Generation was born during the years when Pluto’s radio waves were filtering through the Sagittarius frequency in the Earth’s electromagnetic field. (Western Astrology does not use star constellations as its zodiac.) Today, these young people are presently aged between 14 and 27, born mostly between 1995 and early 2008.
This means …

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‘Food Mood’ Essences

‘Food Mood’ Essences

The Food Mood flower essence formula can be a timely addition to your Silly Season ‘diet’, helping you to side-step those January Diet Blues. Food Mood can alter your thinking to help you realise that you are in charge of your own health and vitality, which encourages you to be mindful of the types of fuels and energies you ingest, via your physical body, even in December! …

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