Something Dark
This Way Comes


by | Nov 3, 2019 | Astrology

It’s getting closer

It’s within 1˚
It will be here exactly on November 12

at Midnight UT!

( 11am AEDT, 4pm Nov 11 PST )

 …So, how was your October?

If you’ve had an astrology session with me, you will understand the depth and subtlety of the sub-routines within the brain, and how they can sabotage our best intentions with precision and ease.
And one in particular lurks in the darkest recesses until stirred by circumstance to take the reins of our life, and steer us into a safe existence of mundanity.

We are at such a time…

No, this is not Pluto. It’s Hades.

Hades is an obscure phenonmenon in the solar system that has never been sighted by telescope, radar, space probes, or other technological devices. But I have researched this guy for the past 30 years…

And I have been Hadesed!! The entire top half of this blog post has mysteriously vanished! I’ve just done a dig to see if I can find it in an old revision in WordPress, but it’s not there!! So, please bear with me, and I will rewrite this to explain exactly what this transit is all about… !!! [KR]

Finally, today, December 4 2019, I am going to attempt to finish the missing part of this blog post. And this is a fitting time, as the transit I had described initially is about to strike again. At least it is within 1/2 degree, and closing.

The transit that had caused so much personal and professional sabotage in October was the Transneptunian Point Hades being in alignment with the transiting North Node of the Moon.

The Moon’s Nodes have been treated as mysterious points in the Earth’s field, and are somewhat spiritual in nature.

Being “nodes”, just as in music, they are points of crossing energies that are cancelled out, like a finger placed on a guitar string over a fret. There is no vibration where the finger has dampened the string, but this does shorten the string to produce a different sound frequency. 

The frequencies that are being cancelled out in the Earth’s field are at the points where the path of the moon (not the moon itself) around the Earth crosses the path of the Earth around the sun.

The moon’s orbit is on a 5˚ plane askew to our path, producing two points of intersection directly opposite each other. These are points where the moon’s orbit rises to cut through our path and also where it sinks below our path. These are the Moon’s Nodes.

The North Node, where the moon’s orbital path is rising above our plane, is the point where our spiritual purpose for this life is stimulated by forces outside the normal functioning of our astrology charts. Remember, there is no vibration at the Nodes. So this is a place beyond the beyond our basic DNA and conscious awareness. It is a place of spiritual happenings.

I have found that the North Node is where, what I call, Karmic Agreements take place. These Agreements had been made long before we were born. They are part of our plan where other people step in to fulfill the Agreement they have with us. This is not karmic in terms of any kind of compensation, as the Sanskrit word karma means “action”. These are Action steps that others take to help us with our growth, whether we’ve asked them to be nasty or kind, and they do force us into action. 

Most people do unwittingly fulfill their prior Agreements, unless they’re stoned or drunk, so that their spirit cannot steer their body through their higher mind.

This is why the Moon’s Nodes are so relevant in our astrology charts. They set important frequencies that we should ignite, ourselves, from our spiritual consciousness.

So on a practical note, have you noticed how many companies decided to alter their Terms and Conditions during October to mid November, these past couple of months? Not only altering them, but to the detriment of themselves and their clients and customers!

I had email arguments with one company who have severely limited the number of people I can introduce to their services through me using their platform, by suddenly restricting my use of their platform.

Another company did exactly the same thing, where both companies had the advantage of free advertising via their branding on what I was sharing with my own clients. This is dumb. I’ve now pretty-much abandoned one of those companies and have had to go to the opposition of the other one to cater to more clients.

During this transit, many people have had many things go wrong in their lives, at various areas and levels of drama. I was not immune, either. I was almost at the point of packing up the work and heading out to dull employment somewhere! 

Things began to shift right after the exact conjunction of Hades to the North Node in the sky. Energy started to move again. I think we had all had so much of this that we had already done our dash with it when North Node had moved into position within 1/2 degree of Hades.

But the transit is back, as the Nodes, which normally travel “backwards” through the Signs, are shifting back towards the Hades.

Out of the Darkness

You have many resources within you. 

You have a Heart (don’t miss the 3rd episode of my podcast, coming up soon, as I’ll be elaborating on the Heart, astrologically and energetically). You have your spiritual consciousness—though, this can be dampened down by a brain hijack.

Three planets can help with this inner struggle.

Mars is a terrific defender against mundanity. I was slipping down, myself, as I have a couple of significant things between 9 1/2 and 10 degrees of two respective Signs. But then Mars came along and shook up my Hygeia asteroid (our highest healing capacity) from within a very close proximity, and she was awoken like Snow White being kissed by the prince. She immediately pranced off and shouted at the two Hades-dazed bodies in my chart and they immediately sprang back into action.

… Well, that’s how it felt to me!

And then there is Uranus. He’ll stir anything up. But when he does stir us, we have to be careful we don’t fall into an angry appraisal of the circumstances. We have to innovate, find new answers. And fast. And through Uranus, we can learn equanimity (the hard way!).

But there is another bodhisattva-source within us. The ultimate challenge (or rather, “initiation”) of this current transit—between these two major influences in your life and mine—is to recognise where we are placing our emphasis. Whether we’re focused on living through our “Self-Cherishing” or our Compassion 

And it’s principally our Compassion that can overturn any argument from Hades. This quality of Heart-and-Mind can be accessed through the planetoid Chiron as the expression of our Bodhicitta, our “awakened mind”, that is hell-bent on being here for the benefit of others.

What other meaning can life have?  

May you always live your
Exceptional Purpose!

(I’d love to read your comments)

Bodhisattva: (Sanskrit) “courageous awakened being”; one who dedicates his/her life to helping others

Bodhicitta: (Sanskrit: “c” pronounced “ch” as in “church”) “the awakened mind”. This is the mind of Enlightenment, the mind that has detached from self and from mundane rewards, and focuses on assisting other beings. This is an attribute of the Bodhisattva (which is the potential of each one of us)