Excerpt: You Will Reincarnate

Excerpt: You Will Reincarnate

I’m planning to indie-publish several books in my series on astrology and mind all at once in 2020, so they can be read conveniently one after the other, and also offered as a digital box set. More books in box set are also presently in the works and will be published a little while after these, as I’ve been writing them all concurrently over the years.

So, I’m giving you a little taste, here, of the first book in my series, You Will Reincarnate (the subtitle hasn’t been settled yet). The ebook version will be initially free (for as long as I can maintain a $0 price tag on Amazon) on all the major digital platforms, and the paper and audio versions (I’ll be narrating) will be priced.

You Will Reincarnate describes the research processes and findings from decades of my own clinical work with students, clients, and of course myself, with the help of other professionals such as kinesiologists and excellent spiritual mediums. Astrology has been a central tool in both validating and expanding on the results from these other sources. The asteroids never lie! … More on that in another book!

I hope you enjoy this little excerpt, which is the Preface in its entirety. 


from Kerrie Redgate’s forthcoming book: 
You Will Reincarnate

The Catholic Nun was covered in black, from toe to crown, with an oval face piercing through a starched white frame. Only her long-fingered white hands revealed the life within the blackness. She was a force. Dark, foreboding, all the clichés. The beads of her long rosary rattled as loudly as the tapping of her boots on the polished linoleum floor while she paced along the hallway toward our classroom.

It was 1962, and within the Catholic school system of those days, the nuns were designed to be overbearing figures of Authority.

I always sat straight and still in those classes. Not so much for The Nun, but from an inner sense of dignity and self-discipline, as though I had to prove myself to myself, before I could gain anyone’s respect. I also had a strong sense of justice, often arguing passionately with my parents about “human rights” (especially at bed-time when I wanted to linger late with the adults). I demanded to be treated as an equal.

However, I had not questioned the religious instruction we were given at school, until a particular day when the topic of The Nun’s teaching was Death. Actually, it was what happens after death. We sat through an entire exposé of the Heaven and Hell realms; and in those days, Purgatory, the half-way house, was also on the cards.

I recall being stunned in disbelief. What I was hearing from this darkly-clad image of stern responsibility was clearly a lie, an untruth, a deception!

Or so I was thinking.

I was too young to have known that religious belief is a matter of choice, and that there are many religions, philosophies, and beliefs, that can inspire any one of us—or conversely entrap us within the Realm of Intolerance and Self-Importance.

Well, perhaps I was a little involved in the Realm of Intolerance at that point, because I never trusted any of the Catholic nuns from that day onwards. In my heart, in that moment, I renounced my Catholic-ness, though I never lost a connection to what I would later term ‘Spirit’.

Perhaps I could be forgiven for such a rash, yet resolute, decision—I was only seven years old.

So, what was it that turned my young mind so against the very teacher I was supposed to revere as a role model and Bestower of Knowledge?

Astoundingly, it was memory. Clear as day. Vivid as your own memory of yesterday. As I listened to the dissertation on the Eternal Afterlife, my mind struggled with the memory of a time before I was born: my last lifetime as a young man in India, a medical doctor, trying to heal desperately diseased children. In 1962, I was too young to know the word ‘reincarnation’, but I knew for certain that we come back after our body has died.

My earliest memory of my current life takes me back to age four, or thereabouts, as I was able to speak well enough to express my thoughts. I was in a very large living-room (of course, it seemed large, as I was very small), enclosed by walls of adults holding drinks, smoking tobacco, and chatting noisily. They were skyscrapers in an oppressive city to me. I clearly remember looking upwards, grabbing a man’s trouser leg, giving it a couple of tugs to get his attention, and sternly announcing, “There-are-children-in-India-who-are-dying-and-starving-and-we-have-to-help-them!”.

Needless to say, my squeaky little voice had very little impact. So I tried some skirts as well… All that frivolity surrounding me when there was so much suffering in the world. I was incredulous.

Television was a new invention in the 1950s, and we did not have one in our house during my very early years. No one in my sphere of influence ever spoke of India or its starving children. My family knew no Indian people personally, as at that time Australia was still upholding a racist “White Australia Policy”, being years before an industrial-economic necessity would instigate an alternative multi-racial immigration scheme.

And yet, as a little four-year-old girl, I was stirred by a strong compassion for something that had been happening in another part of the world, on an entirely different landmass within a culture I could not have imagined.

There were many more years of religious indoctrination for me, but I never relented in my secret belief. And over the years I cemented a vow deeply into my psyche that I would one day prove the truth of rebirth; that I would educate people to know what really does lie ahead after we die; and most importantly, why we choose to come back! This book is the fulfilment of that vow.

— © 2019 Kerrie Redgate
publication date scheduled for 2020

May you always live your
Exceptional Purpose!

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10 Years On—Part 2: Karma & the Immoral


Karma & the Immoral


You may have downloaded my 2008 Insight Magazine article,
Cult or Consciousness: A Global Ultimatium,
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If you hadn’t, grab it here now.

Have you read it? Did you recognise
that some of the trends mentioned in that article
are now taking shape in the world, especially in the USA?
— And we are not yet done with this Paradigm —

This is Part Two of several installments … Big paradigm!

Voyager’s surprising capture of Pluto for NASA/JPL — A Heart! Who knew!

This is
The Capricorn-Pluto Paradigm
—10 Years On—

Religious Leaders & Ethics 

While the combination of Pluto and Capricorn frequencies has been driving us to find security through ethical and responsible behaviour, and quickly zapping us with the consequences when we don’t, we have been witness to a parade of revelations about people in power and public life.

It has not only been in the arenas of politics and business that unethical behaviour has been oozing up from the slimy depths. Religious institutions have been getting a whack from this, as well, even though the big public exposés regarding the Catholic Church really began during the previous Sagittarius-Pluto paradigm, which highlighted the religious (Sagittarian trait) significance of these horror stories. But it is this present paradigm where the consequences are being met, and in a very public way.

Firstly, the past horrendous abuse of young boys, and some girls, within the Christian Churches, even from decades ago, has been showing up more prominently during this Capricorn-Pluto era. And recently, Australian Cardinal George Pell‘s controversial case has been particularly shocking due to his high ranking in the Church.

And secondly, this has not been restricted to Christians. I have witnessed the disgrace of one of the the Tibetan Lamas I had studied with for years, after it was revealed that he was leading an illicit  quadruple life with several young women (‘consorts’) as well as his legal wife. (He had slipped himself up, by mistakenly sending an inappropriate text message to an unsuspecting nun!)

I had been stunned to hear of the scandals concerning this Buddhist teacher, and especially of his lack of regret. Even though I had not personally suffered any abuse at all, there were several women—each sworn to strict secrecy!—who had been engaging in sexual ‘Tantric Practices’ with this same Lama, each thinking she was the ‘chosen one’.

Young women can be impressionable, and are easily confused by male Authority (Capricorn reference) when in such company, especially in the uncharted waters of spiritual development, and spiritual ritual (Capricorn reference).

Some students have continued to support the Lama, while a number of his many centres have now been closed. And some of his centres’ Buddhist nuns have chosen to rejoin secular life. Who can blame them?

As for me, the sickening shock had caused me to shut anything Tibetan out of my life for several years—not that the Tibetans are to blame for this!—with Kuan Yin (a Chinese Deity) as my lifeline to the authentic Buddhist ideal. (Fortunately, I’ve had a number of ancient Buddhist lives in several other cultures to fall back on.)

And then there is the very public Sogyal Rinpoche case. After decades of sexual scandal, the once highly respected Tibetan Lama, best-selling author (The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, 1992), and one-time film actor (‘Little Buddha’, 1993), has finally resigned from the Rigpa organisation he’d founded in 1979.

Here is a Tricycle article about the mass after-effect from Sogyal’s resignation, from a psychological point of view.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has publicly condemned Sogyal Rinpoche’s behaviour, on a number of occasions, and deeply regrets the effect this has been having on the reputation of Tibetan Buddhism in the West. Though, he has remarked that this type of abuse of spiritual power has been happening in many types of religious institutions around the world. 

His Holiness has also reminded us that the Buddha had always stated that He was not to be ‘followed’, that we should not surrender to His Teachings or authority, but find our own way by questioning everything. The Buddha (and those who represent His Teachings) is merely a guide, a mentor, in our own pursuit of Enlightenment.

And in this context, we should not ultimately give away our spiritual power to any religious leader, despite especially the ancient traditions of the Tibetan Vajrayana, which I feel Western Dharma students have never been ready for—culturally, intellectually, or psychologically.

The Infallibility of Karma

In another, perhaps more fascinating, case in 2011—also during this Capricorn-Pluto era—a young 21-year-old Tibetan incarnate, Kalu Rinpoche, confessed before a group of his students, that he had been sexually abused at a monastery, by some of his monk teachers, when he was twelve years old. This was a shocking revelation for the Tibetan Buddhist community of the world.

But the reason this is such an interesting case is that we know who his previous incarnation had been: His Eminence Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche, a high Tibetan Lama in the Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

So I reasoned that for the present young Kalu Rinpoche to have attracted and suffered such abuse, and at a young age, there must have been some sort of a karmic cause for that in his previous life.

Karma is indeed infallible—but it is important to be aware that karma is not a ‘punishment’. Rather, it is a reflection of the conditions in one’s own mindstream and, hence, brain. This is a significant distinction. (More on this in my forthcoming book, You Will Reincarnate—read the Preface here on this site.)

The previous Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche had a Scottish translator for many years, who was a nun in the same Kagyu Tibetan tradition. As June Campbell, having returned to secular life, she wrote a book after Kyabje Kalu’s death, Traveller in Space: Gender, Identity and Tibetan Buddhismin which she confessed that even though she had consented, she had been coerced into a sexual relationship with His Eminence under the guise of a spiritual Tantric Practice. She now recognises this for the abuse that it was.

And so, three years after the Capricorn-Pluto paradigm began, the young Kalu Rinpoche, the direct reincarnation of His Eminence Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche, not only announced to a private group in France, but also announced to the world via a public YouTube video, that he had been sexually abused in the monastery as a child. 

Kalu Rinpoche

This took a great deal of courage for a young man to admit. And we have no way of knowing how much he may remember of his previous life, and how much he may regret its circumstances and its results. But it has certainly cemented his compassion for those who have suffered similar abuses.


More recently, there is also the case of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, the head of the Shambhala organization in the U.S., and the son of controversial Tibetan Rinpoche, Chogyam Trungpa who had died in 1987 at the age of 48 due to liver failure from alcohol abuse. Sakyong Mipham is now married with three children, and has recognized that his long-term abuse of his power must change.

Below, is a video of two wonderful, highly respected female Buddhist teachers, Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, the most senior Tibetan Buddhist nun in the world (made famous by the book, The Cave in the Snow, authored by Vickie MacKenzie) and Lama Tsultrim Allione (recognized as an emanation of Machig Labdrön from the 11th–12th centuries), Dharma teacher and author of many books focused on the empowerment of women in Buddhism (see especially her Women of Wisdom, and also her powerfully transformational book, Feeding Your Demons, which you may relate to if you have had a BigView session with me!).

We are blessed by their wisdom after having been asked to explain the scandals surrounding Sakyong Mipham. Their advice is worthwhile for anyone who has suffered any abuse by the power of another. 

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo (right) & Lama Tsultrim Allione (left): speaking about Shambhala’s Sakyong Mipham

As a Buddhist, when faced with these shocking dilemmas surrounding the ancient Tibetan Tantric practice of working with a consort to find Realisation, I return to the original Teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, who had never advocated such things. As we know, Siddhartha had left his wife and family to seek Enlightenment. And after He attracted many sincere followers, He eventually had to be persuaded, by those closest to him, to allow women to join his community, purely because He feared for their safety within a large gathering of ‘celebate’ men.

The Mind is a personal matter, and The Buddha taught that our attachments hold us back from full Realisation. So it would seem that a sexual consort is not going to help us bring about an independent mind of detachment and equanimity. If we depend on another for our Awakened Realisations, we are not fully Awake.

Also, from my understanding of astrological dynamics, I can see that sexual energy moves chi from the base of our chakra system upwards (how far it goes depends on our own clarity of Mind and Heart), and authentic Buddhist meditations are designed to bring the vast supplies  of cosmic energy in through the crown and downwards into the Heart and body, to reprogram every cell with Enlightened thought. 

All of the above-mentioned cases are tragic. And these are not isolated cases, depite there being many dedicated, ethical, and celibate monks and priests in both of these religious traditions.

And how much more of this abuse is going on in many other organisations, apart from the religious institutions, particularly social institutions of all kinds, not to mention the workplace—a big focus for Women’s Rights at present. (I have my own past stories to tell there, as do a great many women, globally! ‘#MeToo’.)

But it seems that no matter how long ago it had occurred, this current Capricorn-Pluto paradigm is the one that will dredge up the dirt and throw it in our faces. And, again, we’re only 61% of the way through this global transit.

This Pluto era is the time for us to find our inner discipline,
to create a reliable strength of character
that will see us through any challenge we may face in life.

In the NEXT INSTALLMENT, I’ll be covering the rise of Cults during this current Capricorn-Pluto Paradigm, and a bit more on Trump, which I suspect will be quite timely.

May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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