Why You Shouldn’t Skip the InnerView Session

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Astrology

2023 NOTE: As of October 19 2023,
The Zoom-In session has been renamed ‘InnerView’ session.
So I’ve changed the title here to keep this post current and in line with my website.
So, now the sequence is:
BigView Session, InnerView Session, StrategyTransits, and Progress Sessions

If you’ve had a chance to read the Sessions page on my ExceptionalPurpose.com website, you’ll find that I have split my once gargantuan all-day astrology sessions! into 3 separate consultations.

Several reasons: My Age, Your Time, Your Money … and the ‘Murphy’s Law’ risk of hanging about on Skype for too long.

I’ve also found that with much shorter, more manageable, sessions, there are added benefits on both sides—

For me: Sleep! Food! … and fewer visits to my acupuncturist to have my spleen chi’ boosted.

For you: Spreads out the cost; adds contemplation time between sessions; less (relatively!) overwhelm; a chance to integrate and maybe ask more questions for follow-up; easier scheduling; and time to prep the mind for the new reality before more information hits.

The Disadvantages? When clients skip the InnerView sessions and go straight to the StrategyTransits! One-third of the process is then missing. A part of the psyche is still hiding! But the InnerView session can be potentially the most personally transformative, which is why, I’m guessing, some people avoid it!

OK. So here’s the thing, the way I’ve broken up the sessions:

The BigView session describes the Outer You in the world. Your highest Purpose for this life; and any insidious sabotage that has been blocking that Purpose, the connection to a deeper Past that is still running a sub-routine in your brain. It’s the grand scheme for living your Exceptional Life Purpose.

HOWEVER,  to support that Outer You, you need to have a secure, well disciplined, savvy, spiritually-based Inner You. And THIS is the purpose of the InnerView session!

The InnerView session elaborates on the personal you that lives inside your head. The you that can show up with doubts, with imposter syndrome excuses, and with old limitations embeded into your psyche through sheer cultural (and past-life) conditioning.

There are ways that we can turn around old emotional habituations, all the challenging aspects in your chart, so that they become advantages, not hindrances. 

By understanding the source of these emotions (which is buried in a dead past), and then by recognising the potential inherent at their fundamental core level as frequencies of energy, we can manipuate those frequencies to put them into alignment with your Outer Self‘s adventure for this life! 

My studies and explorations into Asian philosophies have taught me a great deal about the mind and our view of reality; and the fabulous science of astrology has allowed me to see connections that are not normally obvious. 

When I was just 21, I changed myself from being an agoraphobic of three years, not even being able to get passed my front door to the letterbox due to severe panic attacks, to being a rock singer on stage pouring my heart out to strangers. That was a single leap! It can be done. And, yes, I had my first genuine astrology reading when I was 21. (He came to me!) I think that was a huge blessing, as it allowed me to begin to see life very differently.

The BigView must be supported by the self that perceives it. If you don’t build the personal and spiritual foundations underneath you, your Past has free rein to repeat itself over and over again.

After we have elaborated on the BigView of your life’s work, and zoomed in to restructure your InnerView that supports it, it is time for the StrategyTransits to lay out the plan for the coming year, based on the tides of change that you will be experiencing. There is no ‘prediction’ in astrology, apart from the tides of the planets, as you can use these transits any way you like. They’re just frequencies that hit the brain. And we tend to use those frequencies habitually. Put yourself in control. But first know the self that is doing the driving!

And then be that self in accordance with your authentic Spirit, by accessing your Buddha-nature. 

Astrology is the most astonishing tool! … And don’t forget, I’m already 63 [now 68 in 2023 and semi-retired!], and won’t be around in this form forever (I may come back as a drummer next time!). So don’t put your life on hold for too long! 

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