Seth Godin video: Work That Matters for People Who Care

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How to Do Work That Matters for People Who Care

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Seth Godin video: Work That Matters for People Who Care

There was one very new book that I neglected to add to the current edition of my Resources for Business booklet for you. That was Seth Godin‘s latest publication (Nov 2018), This Is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See (paper, digital, and audio with Seth narrating).

So as an apology for my omission, I’ve added this brilliant video, above, to this Resource newsletter blog rather than my usual public Exceptional Purpose VideoBlog

This is a deep and important interview where Chase Jarvis of CreativeLive has Seth Godin unpack his latest book on (authentic) Marketing for us, to explain some points a little further.

It’s a lengthy interview at 1:10:56, and you may want to ‘rewind’ a few pieces—so make yourself a cuppa, grab a healthy snack, and have your notebook and pen handy. Seth is always well worth your time! 

The interviewer, Chase Jarvis, is well known as a visionary photographer, fine artist and entrepreneur. He is cited as one of the most influential photographers of the past decade, and in 2018 co-created Photo Lab: Crafting Your Shot with Apple, to teach photography skills at more than 500 Apple stores, globally.

May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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Cult or Consciousness—10 Years On


The Era of Ethics


You may have downloaded my 2008 Insight Magazine article,
Cult or Consciousness: A Global Ultimatium,
if you physically subscribed to my newsletter.
If you hadn’t, grab it here now.

Have you read it? Have you recognised
that some of the trends mentioned in that article
are now taking shape in the world, especially in the USA?
— And we are not yet done with this Paradigm —

This is Part One of several installments … big paradigm!

Voyager’s surprising capture of Pluto for NASA/JPL — A Heart! Who knew!

This is

The Capricorn-Pluto Paradigm

—10 Years On—

The frequency from this little moon-sized object in our solar system resonates with your basic survival brain near the base of your skull. It keeps you alive. It keeps your heart pumping, and keeps you breathing while you’re sleeping. It moves your body away from imminent danger before you’ve even had a chance to think.

As this is not the place for me to describe for you the complexities of the electro-magnetic dynamics of our solar system (new book coming soon!), I will make this as brief and as simple as I can…

We are currently


of the way through this Paradigm

So when Pluto ‘switches Signs’, this means that the survival effects from Pluto are filtering through a different frequency in the Earth’s magnetic field, a combination that resonates with all iving things. It’s a dramatic switch of priorities for us. So our Plutonian survival issues are felt as a species. And these shifts can take place for spans of time from 10 to 30 years. 

So, as I’d mentioned in my ‘Cult’ article, this new Capricorn-Pluto paradigm began in early 2008, producing either a ‘cult’ or ‘tribal’ culture—people clinging to the security of a group (Neo-Nazis; Cult-of-Trump, etc); or the ‘conscious’ qualities of personal Ethics, Authority, and Responsibility. By 2024, we’ll be embracing a new Pluto paradigm.

So how are we doing ?

at the issues correlating with my original expectations
for this upheaval of a Global Transit,
and WHY they’ve occurred

Stat as of Oct 30 2018

(649 days)

Since Inauguration, Trump has made

False or Misleading Public Statements

Stat as of Jan 19 2020

(1,095 days — update!)

Since Inauguration, Trump has made

False or Misleading Public Statements

Ethical standards
are most definitely being called into play right now.
And it’s because we know that a Dystopian Future
awaits human civilisation if our current devolvement
is allowed to continue.

‘Ethics’ is the foundation stone
for Responsibility in the world.

Ethical behaviour produces
happy karmic results.

Unethical behaviour
leads eventually to ruin.

Some highlights from the ETHICS theme in this paradigm, so far:

  • We began with unethical practices being exposed in the finance and real estate industries (both Capricorn-resonant fields), especially in the US, which had caused an inflated (Sagittarius-Pluto) balloon to burst, globally, especially in 2008
  • The Russion violation of the U.S. 2016 election by the spreading of fake news through social media channels (as you’d recall, largely to discredit Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton)
  • A number of Australian politicians were discovered holding dual citizenships with other countries
  • The Australian Labor Party recently instigated the idea of developing a Federal Integrity Commission to investigate corruption in Australian politics, in the hope of reestablishing trust and transparency in the Australian political system
  • The now prevalent sexual assault scandals and “Me Too Movement” sweeping the globe—and these are largely focused on the Work Place. (Capricorn does naturally resonate with business in general, as this is also where we develop our Reputation for Responsibility and Authority
  • The escalation of ‘cult movements‘ across the planet, for good and ill (‘Cult or Consciousness’)
  • Of course, no one had missed the irony of the then U.S. Presidencial candidate, Donald J Trump, announcing back in 2016 that he would “drain the swamp” of American politics
  • Speaking of whom, as I write, President Trump seems certain to face Impeachment, and Indictment via the Mueller investigation [2020 note: AG William Barr put a stop to that! But proceedings are underway, with huge resistance from the GOP!]

President Trump has, himself, shone a spotlight on many vital issues for all of us—such a ethics, morality, and basic human decency—not by example, but by his outrageous display of precisely the opposite qualities! It’s only through seeing this abhorrent behaviour right in front of us, and within such a (presumably) responsible Office of US Government, that our outrage at unethical behaviour has been forced into sharp focus, indeed… (Re-enter former President Barack Obama on the world stage, for a severe contrast.) There is already a sizeable pile of books published on Trump and his Presidency.

It is a fascinating astrological point, that when Trump won the U.S. election he had transiting Chiron* on his Ascendant, indicating a time of high spiritual purpose in the world! So is he a bodhisattva-in-disguise or the Mad Trickster who inadvertently brings about global change? Well, at least the Swamp of Western society is more visible now, apart from the stench!

Some Other ‘Notables’:

Harvey Weinstein‘s sexual harrassment cases have been paraded before us, and that was not long after Tim O’Reilly had been booted out of the Fox network for similar behaviour.

And then in Alabama, Roy Moore, accused of pedofilia, and being politically supported by the President of the USA (himself, a self-confessed assaulter of women), which Moore (thankfully) lost to Democrat Doug Jones. And these were not isolated cases.

Even Democrat Senator Al Franken had been dragged through the mud and forced to resign for a humourless prank some years ago when he was a commedian, followed by a few other mild accusations from women of a long-ago past—but Franken had initially reacted by calling for an Ethics Investigation of himself! An ethical act, for sure.

News from the Ethics Committee investigating the Russia Collusion in the U.S.A. had appeared almost daily. And Special Counsel Robert Mueller is sliding in to Home Base for a big finale regarding Trump, himself:

* The asteroid ‘Mueller’ is opposite Chiron in Trump’s own birth chart,
and aspects his Ceres (his family)!

More on that soon, as Mueller’s team move in to finalise the Obstruction of Justice case and the Russia Probe Investigation.

( I’m planning a small book right now, disclosing Trump’s last incarnation and its impact on not only his current life, but also on the world! )

Ethical and Empathic behaviour is now being demanded of our leaders. During the previous Sagittarius-Pluto paradigm, we had taken human decency for granted, forgiving slips of immorality or corruption as ‘boys will be boys’. Even the crime rate around the world had fallen when Pluto first filtered through the Sag frequency in 1995. (Sagittarius resonates with the concept of ‘harmlessness’.)

But now that the ‘survival frequency’ from Pluto is being felt and expressed fully through the Capricorn frequency for our entire planet, we are no longer willing to be tolerant of such disgusting behaviour. And it is disgusting us, even though we had been living with it in our midst as far back as the establishment of human society.

And of course, the Judge Brett Kavanaugh appointment to the Supreme Court, just this past October 2018, has stirred a huge pot of angst among especially women all over the USA, and, indeed, the world. The protests were especially thick in Washington DC.

Kavanaugh was not only credibly (in my opinion) accused of a drunken attempted rape and assault upon a fifteen year-old girl in his high-school years, but it seems he has always had quite a penchant for beer. From his final Confirmation Hearing:

“Yes, we drank beer. I liked beer. Still like beer. We drank beer… Sometimes we drank too much beer…. I like beer… Do you like beer, Senator?”

The asteroid ‘Beer’ trines Kavanaugh’s Sun
in his own birth-chart!

Yes, he would LOVE beer! And I might just mention (for past students and those who have had astrology sessions with me), another aspect in his own chart is the asteroid ‘Kaiserstuhl‘ being on his Hades … !!  

Kavanaugh has a self-sensitive Cancerian Moon, which, in his case, may have been the cause for his childish emotional outbursts and partisan rantings during his final Confirmation Hearing for the Supreme Court. Such a display would have elicited a hefty fine and a Contempt of Court charge to any defendant exhibiting such behaviour in Kananaugh’s own Court! But instead, he gained a lifetime appointment to the highest Court in the USA… And he still likes beer

Emma Thompson has always been one of my favourite actresses. Here, in this BBC Newsnight interview, she discusses the climate of Hollywood for female actors, in light of the recent Harvey Weinstein scandals, and provides some advice for change.

Human Ethics is inextricably linked to the value of Dignity.

Without human dignity, there can be no spiritual expression in the world. We are each called upon now to do our part, to uplift the human condition, to access the personal authority and responsibility inherent in the Capricorn frequency and to use that frequency to stabilise the survival of the entire planet and every living species on it.

Capricorn and its resonant planet, Saturn, both emphasise the idea of cause-and-effect— Karmic results. Capricorn is also the frequency of ‘spiritual initiation’, it allows us to inherently understand the strength of the spirit in taming the ego-nature of the human form.

In this regard Saturn/Capricorn resonates with personal discipline and ethical behaviour, as the greed and laziness of the ego (which is the brain running the body instead of the Spirit running it!) is the quick path to nowhere.

Capricorn is the foundation for the spiritual journey we are on as human beings. When linked to Pluto, our sense of dignity, purpose, inner authority, and responsibility, become life-and-death survival issues. We either project those qualities onto anyone with a loud voice, or we develop them in ourselves. And in the words of Seth Godin, “This is the best shot you’ll ever get.” I’ll have much more to say on this in one of my forthcoming books.

This era, when used consciously, can now bring fabulous results, as Karma of any type is infallible… Karma, for nations as well as individuals, is something we will get to in future installments on this current paradigm.

But I’ll leave you on a brighter note …

A Happier Reflection of the Capricorn-Pluto Paradigm

One of the things I’d mentioned in the ‘Cult’ article was the possiblity of people beginning to once again appreciate things that are hand-made by artisans (by people of ‘reputation’!), rather than mass-produced cheaply and quickly. Also this would cover a revival of antiques or retro styles from the past.

This first movement has become known as ‘Bespoke‘, which originally meant “to speak”.  After having been used in the tailoring trade in times past, the term has now evolved into a Movement that places value on any one-of-a-kind hand-made piece of clothing, or furniture, decorative items, musical instruments, etc.

Apart from Ethics, Capricorn is a frequency that also generates a sense of value in unique things that have taken time and care to create, We are observing and appreciating the results of the discipline of others.

In Australia, we even had a ‘Bespoke’ TV series that showcased the work of young people now involved in producing unique items for sale at markets and in their own small warehouses. The drive for ‘specialty’ produces value in our lives, and at this time we are seeking to portray our own inner authority through what we wear, say, and do.

Read PART 2 HERE, where we take a look at the Religious scandals that have been bobbing up from the depths during this paradigm, even pertaining to Tibetan Buddhism, where we can see a direct Reincarnation of the Karmic cause-&-effect of a prior life of privilege and manipulation. Karma is infallible!

In PART 3 we’ll take a look at the psychological and karmic reasons for the Cults that have sprung up around the world, including the astonishing Cult of Trump. And how this trend has affected how we do business.

In PART 4 we’ll look at the polarity opposite of Capricorn, being the Cancerian frequency, and how that polarity now needs to be balanced, globally.

… There may be more Parts as this significant Paradigm continues to unfold (before March 2023), so stay connected! 

May you always live your Exceptional Purpose!

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A Money Process

A Money Process

I was listening to episode #357 of The Creative Penn podcast (Joanna Penn‘s weekly interviews and news on all things indie-publishing), where she was discussing creative writing with fellow indie-author, Orna Ross. They introduced me to a “money process” that I found fascinating when I’d tried it, myself.

As I wanted to share this process with you, I first had to hunt down its source. And I found that Orna Ross, founder of Alliance of Independent Authors, had not actually been its originator (not that she had claimed to be).  

I’m still not certain I have found its orgin, and I suspect it may go back to the 1980s somewhere, during the ‘mind-power’ revolution. But I did find it in a 2014 Huffington Post article by writer and spiritual life coach, Rebecca McKown.

So, as I’d found several references to this process online, I’m presuming that it should be karmically safe for me to share this with you here.

The idea of this process is to build a solid and happy relationship with money. Treating money as you would any other relationship/friend in your life.

As humans, relationships are vital. A happy, appreciative relationship with money is one of the most significant partnerships of our life, as our very survival, and present culture, depends upon it.

THE PROCESS begins with you
writing a letter to Money.
Yes: a straightforward pen & paper letter, right from the Heart.

 And once you have done that, you write
a letter to yourself from Money.

This may seem like a simple little excercise, but you will be surprised by what comes out of your subconscious mind regarding your attitudes to money.

I won’t reveal what came out of my own communication, but the letter I received back from Money brought me to tears.

It’s one of those things you just have to sincerely try for yourself. 

Even when money does flood into a business, we still have to be psychologically primed to accept it, not waste it, and value it for what it can help us achieve in the world.

Happy Writing !

May you always live your
Exceptional Purpose!

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