Spiritual Power

Spiritual Power

 by Kerrie Redgate

Spiritual Power

I’ve been contemplating lately about what constitutes spiritual power, as power is what you hold within, not what you give away.

It has nothing to do with physical strength. Although, the appearance of physical strength can be present in power.

I have never forgotten how impressed I was with the Aikido teachers I got to know during the year I was caretaking a large Australian tropical property, which included their beautiful Zen-style dojo. There were people there of various ages, and I witnessed the older guys lifting and carrying heavy objects with ease, as though they weighed only a kilogram or a few pounds.

Aikido is the most spiritual and harmonising of all the martial arts. It works with the ki (ch’i) of the body-mind, and is non-aggressive in nature. And I learned another interesting thing about the Aikido teachers there (and I was privileged to have met some of the top masters from Japan) — they also practise Reiki, and they are often Reiki Masters.

As with Aikido, Reiki was also developed in Japan in the early 20th century, principally as ‘a method to achieve personal perfection’, in the words of Reiki’s founder, Mikao Usui*. But in the West, we see it more as ‘a system of healing’ — I suppose because Western culture has not yet connected the idea of ‘personal perfection’ (a spiritual, not egoic, concept) with ‘healing’!

Personal Perfection would have to be the source of true inner power. This would be a combination of the spiritual and the physical attributes of life in perfect harmony and balance. This also relates to the Six Perfections in Buddhist philosophy, which I’ve found in the astrology chart (see my InnerView sessions page on my main ExceptionalPurpose.com site).

When I look back to find the one event that changed everything for me, that opened my eyes to a greater spiritual reality, and gave me a strong sense of being a part of that, it would be the first time I received a Reiki Empowerment, in 1986. The palms of my hands were hot and tingling for almost two days!

I’ve now come to realize that as with all electrical systems, the sensation of heat or warmth in Reiki is generated from the resistance between two bodies of differing voltage charges.

So the amount of heat radiating from a healer’s hands is not necessarily a qualification of her healing ability. My hands had reacted so strongly because my body’s electrical circuits (nervous system) had previously been somewhat resistant to this kind of flow of charge regarding the channeling of this level of energy from my crown. So the Reiki attunement released that resistance and balanced my crown, heart, and hands for a more powerful flow.

Kerrie Redgate’s Kirlian Photographic hand-prints
(Nov 19 & 16, 1989)

LEFT before Reiki activation … RIGHT after 10 minutes of Reiki activation.
LEFT print is normal … RIGHT the Reiki energy has overwhelmed the normal hand print!
( I was at Level 2 Reiki then ) 
Note: The Kirlian photographer thought the blown-out print indicated I was close to death!
He’d never seen anything like it before.
But I have seen identical Kirlian prints from another spiritual healer.

I had always been interested in spiritual things, had practiced hatha yoga since 1968, and was engrossed in other aspects of Indian culture from about the age of 10! But I didn’t become a living part of that until I felt the Reiki power flowing through me, until I could feel the healing effect I could have on other people.

That was a rebirth for me. My intuition regarding other people was suddenly switched on more consciously, and my Heart and Head seemed to become aligned.

Soon after completing Level 2 Reiki that same year, I gave notice on my day-job. I had to finally embark on my new life as an astrologer. It was so fast. It was a compelling decision. Not even a decision. Just a knowing.

Years later, I received Reiki 3; and then the Teacher/Master level in 1997. I began teaching Reiki not as a full-time occupation, but just as the opportunities appeared.

I’m remembering all this as Neptune (our personal sense of spirituality) is about to Aspect my Hygeia asteroid (spiritual healing). 


I can’t guarantee that Reiki would have the same effect on you. But if you’re in Australia, and if you are interested in opening to a new spiritual power, widening your intuition, increasing your natural healing power, and fast-tracking your life, I’m now offering Reiki courses here in Brisbane, Queensland.

My large, ground-floor, open-space apartment is ideal for small classes. And it’s a lovely environment among the trees, and with the river just around the corner, and New Farm Park nearby.

For personal attention and focus, I only ever teach Reiki for 3 to 7 students in a class — and from the original Buddhist perspective. If you’re interested in this, click the image below for more information on all my Reiki Courses.

Reiki Courses with Kerrie Redgate (ad banner)

— If you’ve already received a Reiki 1 Empowerment, and you’re interested in Reiki 2, let me know. More information on all Reiki courses on my Reiki site via the image link above.

— I can also teach Reiki 3 (this is not the master/teacher level), if you’ve completed Reiki Level 2 and have been using the symbols diligently (as you’ll be learning how to give a Booster Attunement).

— I also offer private tuition classes for individuals (at a higher fee, of course).

There are so many astounding opportunities in this lifetime for spiritual development. We can avail ourselves of any of them. And Reiki is one of the most supreme. It stays with you for life and beyond (better than a tattoo!), and brings healing to yourself, and consequently to others.

If Reiki is not for you, or if I’m not the right teacher for you, that’s OK, of course. It’s so important, though, during these unsettling times, to develop the spiritual side of your life, and to maintain a positive joyful ambience in your Heart. There are many healing and meditative systems, and teachers, to help you to generate pure spiritual power within, which is ultimately the power of compassion.

And through all those empowering systems, just as with Reiki, everything you touch becomes sanctified.

* quoted from Don Beckett, in his book
Reiki: The True Story—An Exploration of Usui Reiki
(Berkeley California: Frog Books 2009)  … [ back to text ]

May you always live your
Exceptional Purpose!

Kerrie Redgate 2023
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Feng Shui Tip: Clocks & Your Health

Feng Shui Tip :

Clocks & Your Health

There is basically nothing wrong with clocks,
apart from one exception…

During our workdays, most of us rely on our smartphones or computers to keep track of the time of day. And now that the Apple Watch has been introduced to the world, more people are wearing wrist watches again (that’s another story!), of various brands. But at home, many people still like to have a clock on a wall or on a dresser, to see the time at a glance. Sometimes it’s an antique clock, a family heirloom, or a favourite modern design that enhances the space.

As Feng Shui is a system that helps us design our living spaces for an utmost advantage regarding our health, prosperity, relationships, and any other area of our life, every detail of our environment is included in a Feng Shui appraisal of our home and work areas.

So what is it about the humble clock?

Well, it isn’t all clocks that we are concerned with here, just a particular type: the dreaded TICKING clock!

I recall a Feng Shui appraisal I had done for a small adult family where each of the members was suffering from fatigue, confusion, depression, and general frustration with their life goals. There were definite blockages to their psychological well-being throughout the home.

There was one thing that I was immediately aware of, as soon as I had stepped inside their dwelling. It was impossible to miss, as it made a noise that sliced through the otherwise peaceful ambience of the space. A loud, evenly-toned, rhythmical tick…tick…tick…tick…tick… 

Try it right now, sit comfortably, close your eyes, and slowly repeat that word with one second breaks between, mimicking the sound of your average clock. “Tick…tick…tick…tick…”, as many times as you like. After a short while, you’ll begin to feel relaxed, and then drowsy. You might even want to have a snooze! 

The problem is in the way the brain processes sound. The brain functions on frequencies, which are pulses of what we call ‘sound’ that have wavelength and amplitude (like the gif in the banner above). The brain then entrains with those frequencies, locks them in memory, and records our reaction to those frequencies (as harmful or pleasant) for later our responses and strategies.

When a frequency has a regular rhythm and the same tone, it becomes more easily anchored into the brain. If that same simple sound continues unabated, the brain activates only its own circuits (and synaptic connections) that resonate with that rhythm. The higher the frequency, the more the front part of the brain is activated—this is our executive centre where our decisions are made, and where we use our volition to change old patterns. (Think of the difference between the slow, steady drum beat of a dirge and the exciting Tokai drumming of Japan.)

So, if the rhythm is slower and has a lower frequency sound (like a ticking clock, which has a very slow pulse), the lower centres of the brain are activated, such as our survival-based, autonomic “reptilian brain” near the base of the skull. This is our oldest brain area, in terms of our human evolution. 

When our older survival brain is more responsive than our prefrontal cortex in our forehead area, we can become tired or stressed, and we may lack vitality and enthusiasm for anything in life. We can’t make decisions based on our wisdom. This is what was happening to the family I observed, with the ticking clock in the centre of their home. 

So if you wake up tired, or come home to an energy that dampens your enthusiasm, and you have a ticking clock somewhere in your environment, it may be time to retire the clock… And of course, sleeping with your wi-fi modem switched on can have the same subtle effect on your brain, but in a different brain area that may disturb more than your dreams. But that’s another story!

May you always live your
Exceptional Purpose!

Kerrie Redgate 2023
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‘Food Mood’ Essences

‘Food Mood’ Essences

 Flower Essences Formula
of the Month 

December 2018

The Food Mood flower essence formula can be a timely addition to your Silly Season ‘diet’, helping you to side-step those January Diet Blues.

Spraying this formula directly onto your head and heart area regularly over time, can alter your thinking to help you realise that you are in charge of your own health and vitality, which encourages you to be mindful of the types of fuels and energies you ingest, via your physical body, even in December!

And you may find that it also relieves those conditioned artificial cravings, allowing you to delve more deeply into their origins.

the management of your Food
the management of your Life

Our Western society actually challenges us to select
the most nourishing, life-supporting foods and lifestyle.

 We’re inundated with food supplies from every continent and culture, no longer eating seasonal foods that grow organically in our own environment. Artificial fertilisers and pesticides, not to mention genetic modifications(!), have robbed us of the natural taste and vitality of real fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and grains. And refined cane sugar has become an integral component of the majority of processed food-lines.  

Also, we are the only species on the planet that has never been weaned from “mother’s milk”, consuming the milk of other species that was originally designed to accelerate the growth of much bulkier animals than ourselves.

Dairy foods also contain lactose, a natural “milk sugar”, which can become psychologically addictive for humans as we struggle with self-nurturance.

Of course, there are some peoples living in more ethnic-based cultures (such as the native Tibetans and Mongolians), who can only survive with animal-based foods, especially yak- and soured horse-milk.

Yet we, in technological cultures, continue to tie up enormous amounts of potential agricultural land in beef and dairy farming while life-giving grains and legumes on these properties would potentially yield 20 times more protein as direct foodstuffs from the land itself, while also preventing much suffering in the animal kingdom.

Dairy Cows

Video: A mother cow (and friends)  protects her baby from a farmer. What would you  do to protect your baby?


We have sadly become victims of unnatural cravings for foods that do not support our body, our brain function, or, more importantly, our life purpose.

And it’s important to remember that there is NO one specific diet or food regimen that can be applied to every individual. We are each a unique mix of the elements (fire, water, earth, air, metal) that need to be sustained and balanced.

Don’t eat for your health,
eat for your Dreams

— Michio Kushi (1926–2014)

When we are beginning to alter our perception of the importance of quality food in our life, it is preferable to seek dietary advice through professional dietary counselling that incorporates a concern for one’s lifestyle and environment (including the current season), as well as for one’s ultimate goal and dreamthe real basis for the maintenance of ‘body’. 

An understanding of the yin (expanding) and yang (contracting) effects of various foods can make a huge difference to how you balance your daily diet. In my opinion and experience, if you can find a Macrobiotic consultant, or someone who understands the traditional Eastern Philosophy of food, that would be ideal.

Stage 1 is eliminating the bad stuff.
Stage 2 involves incorprating the life-enhancing foods
that build health and vitality.

In the meantime, the 15 flower essences* in this external spray formula can help you to build a more enriching perspective in regard to the place foods play in your life, based on the foundation of self-respect and your inherent Purpose.

Like to try the Food Mood external spray?

You can order it here at the reduced price until the end of 19th December 2018 AEDT

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Shipping Update April 1 2022:

I have now switched from AusPost to Sendle for faster and cheaper courier delivery to your door.
Delivery packed in a Sendle compostable A4 satchel, that may hold up to 4 x 100ml bottles of flower essences:
— within Australia A$7.65;
— within Brisbane A$6.05 (as the same city I’m sending from);
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For international destinations outside Australia,
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And eventually I’ll have WooCommerce set up on my Bodhimind Essences payment site with the Sendle API for you.

In a future post, I’ll describe how I transitioned my diet away from animal and dairy foods at the age of 20, and what I’ve learned about being a vegan these past 43 years, with some suggestions for balancing your diet (and avoiding raw foods!) while maintaining your compassion.

Happy Misting & Cooking !

Do leave a comment or question

Flower Essences in this formula:
Sourced from Aloha Mist Essences (a precious few I have left from Hawai’i); Desert Alchemy (Arizona); FES (California); and Tropical Orchid (NZ).

Although an experienced vegan for 42 years, Kerrie Redgate is not a qualified dietition or food consultant, and the FoodMood external flower essence mist formula is offered to assist with changes in the mind, not the body, and so results will vary from person to person.

For more information:
See Kerrie’s flower essence combinations, and more on flower essences generally,
on her dedicated Bodhimind Essences 

Yogic Breathing—the Secret Meaning

Yogic Breathing—the Secret Meaning

Have the secrets within the Wisdom Teachings of Asia
been fully and openly offered to the West?

Or are there Hidden Meanings, Processes, and Depths
that were deemed too powerful for fragile egos to handle?

During the early part of the 20th century, the Gemini-Pluto generation of the West—ever the curious ones!—developed a deep fascination for the exotic East. There were explorers and philosophers, and ‘procurers of antiquities’. And, as was also their style, they exhibited an unquenchable thirst for a ‘quick path’ that would lead them to some form of spiritual (or at least cultural) Shangri-La. Some may have even sought Wisdom.  

But the eyes of the East were vigilant in recognising this Western propensity for the quick-&-easy, and so held back many of the Teachings that were at the core of the East’s extraordinary, and ancient, discoveries concerning ‘mind’.

It is only through studying diligently with authentic Teachers, steeped in a lineage of centuries, that we can see beyond the veils. My efforts have been minor in the broad sense of the devotion of others, but I have been blessed to have picked up a thing or two from especially the Tibetan Teachers I’ve had the privilege to study with, and from the Commentaries on the ancient Teachings that many had written in the past as their extraordinary legacy.

And even though most of us still lean toward the quick-&-easy left-brained approach, in our technological ‘Google-it’ culture, it is possible to find the deeper meaning in practices that on the surface seem to be purely physical or easy.  


Some of the more enlightened Western yogic practices have included the ‘Nine Breaths‘ or  ‘alternate nostril-breathing‘ technique. However, this technique has been described to us largely in physical terms, without the accompanying visualisations that are not simply an adjunct to the physical structure of the asanas, but the point of the entire exercise!

This is odd because prana is understood as the life-force itself, in a similar way to ch’i in China and ki in Japan, yet Western people oblige the certified Western yoga teacher through mechanically repeating these nine steps by rote, as if the sheer doing of the thing will bring some miraculous benefit at the end.

Just as an aside, I can’t keep quiet about my personal favourite gripe: the absurd practice in the West of referring to a chakra point as a ‘shaahkra’. The official transliteration from Sanskrit into the Roman alphabet has a very short ‘a’ almost like the ‘u’ in cut; and ‘c’ is always pronounced as ‘ch’ as in ‘church’ (leaving ‘k’ to be pronounced as in kite). Rolling the ‘r’ very slightly on the tongue is more authentic, but not necessary. The original English transliteration is ‘cakra’, which means ‘wheel’.

Little did we know,
Mind is everything!

Hatha Yoga has been viewed in the West—at least since the 1960s—as not much more than a health-restoring maintenance program, like a trip to a gym, to keep us supple and active into our later years. The general public never questioned its routine practices for any further depth. And Hatha Yoga has become such a fad of our times, that it has been distorted and renamed and twisted into more shapes than its own asanas could describe!

But there were a small number of Western yoga teachers who were determined to seek out the true gurus, and the source, of this ‘physical form’ of yoga, even travelling all the way to India on their quest for truth and authenticity. 

And some did find it, despite masters of each of the ancient Asian traditions being reluctant to unveil a truth that could burn the minds of their egoistic visitors from the ‘quick-path-seeking’ technological West.

What has been missing in the West, from most of the teachings of hatha yoga (and also other rejuvenative systems, such as tai chi, for that matter—one teacher explaining the original martial arts references to us: “now you are breaking the wrist, dislocating the elbow”… UGH!), is the mental counterpart of the exercise: the actual visualisations.

I started practising alternate nostril breathing in 1968, when I was just thirteen years of age. I watched it being taught on television by Swami Sarasvati, who is still alive in Australia today. And when I was eighteen, I found a book that elaborated a little more on this technique. Swami Sarasvati may have described the process in more detail, as was her style of teaching, but I was probably too young (and still too ‘Westernised’) to understand the nuance of what she was revealing. 

I have since explored the Nine Breaths technique further via Tibetan Buddhist Teachings, particularly Buddhist Tantra (even though still watered down for us), to gain more insight into the body-mind phenomenon as well as the energetics of the life-force which are said to stem from ‘mind’.

The following is a description of the metaphysics of the process of this breathing technique (lifted from my own Reiki Level One Course booklet—you will find authentic Buddhist references below), followed by a step-by-step description including the visualisations the mind should be focusing on, simultaneously, to make this practice more deeply effective and meaningful for personal change.

This is a simple & brief process
that can be a great start to your day
or to any other meditative practice

The Nine Breaths Meditation*

This sequence of NINE BREATHS can be done
before any meditation practice, and is a meditation in itself.
It is used to calm the mind, 
as well as being a practice
to dissolve our most basic poisonous emotions.

Sit in a comfortable meditation posture (cross-legged or in a chair, to suit); spine straight, shoulders level, chin slightly down (not up!), and looking downwards (which keeps your spine and head in a straight line at the back of your neck). Visualise your body as being empty, transparent like a rainbow.

Your central channel, the sushumna, runs parallel to, and slightly in front of, your spine. It is hollow, about an index fingers’ thickness (white on the outside and red on the inside). Its top end curves like an umbrella handle over the top of your crown, ending between your eyebrows. Its lower end is 4 finger-widths below your navel. This channel relates to our awakened mind when clear-flowing; or to our ignorance when blocked. (So, you can see the importance of keeping this clear.)

Your right energy channel (pingala, or rasana) is straight and runs close to your central channel on the right.
It opens at your right nostril, travelling over the back of your head and down to its lower end about 6 finger-widths below your navel where it joins the left channel.
Visualise this as red, as thick as a stalk of wheat.

This channel relates to the ‘sun’ symbolically and our equanimity when flowing freely; or conversely, our anger/hatred when blocked.

It can generate heat

Your left energy channel (ida, or lalana) is the same thickness as the right channel.
It opens at your left nostril, travelling over the back of your head and down its lower end about 6 finger-widths below your navel where it joins the right channel.
Visualise this channel as white.

This channel relates to the ‘moon’ symbolically and our detachment when flowing freely; or to our desire/attachment when blocked.

It is cooling.

As you breathe in during this practice, visualise all the great wisdom, compassion and blessings from the Highest Beings in your sphere of reality (Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Archangels, God, Great Spirit, the Cosmos, the Tao itself, etc.).

As you breathe out, you can visualise black smoke leaving you and dissolving into light outside of you, or being sent to the stars where it is transmuted into purified consciousness—whatever appeals to you.

 First 3 Breaths

  1. Close your left nostril with your left ring-finger¹, and breath in slowly through your right nostril; without pausing unnaturally, switch hands to close your right nostril with your right ring-finger and breath out through your left nostril.
  2. Visualise the two side channels as being joined together at their base, creating a smooth movement into one and out via the other.
  3. While Breathing In: Visualise your breath as white rays of cleansing light flowing down the right channel and accumulating in the left where the defilement of desire/attachment had been blocked-in.
  4. Breathing out: through left nostril, visualise your desire/attachment flowing out as black rays of smoke or dark light, and being transmuted.
  5. Repeat this entire process 2 more times, increasing the force on the out-breath each time (the first being natural and gentle).
  6. It is important to see yourself being cleansed and purified by breathing out all your impure desire/attachment energy.


  1. Close your right nostril with your right ring-finger, breath in slowly through your left nostril; switch hands to close your left nostril with your left ring-finger and breath out, without pausing unnaturally.
  2. Visualise the two side channels as being joined together at their base.
  3. Breathing in: Visualise your breath as white rays of cleansing light flowing down the left channel and accumulating in the right where the defilement of fearful anger/hatred had been blocked-in.
  4.  Breathing out: through right nostril, visualise your anger/hatred flowing out as black rays of light, so that you are purified of all anger and irritations.


  1. Rest both hands on top of your knees; breathe in and out of both nostrils with equal time, visualising the ends of the 2 side channels inserted into the bottom of the central channel.
  2. Breathing in: visualise your breath as white rays of cleansing light flowing down both side channels and accumulating in the central channel where the defilement of ignorance had been blocked-in. (This is our ignorance of True Reality, being the present moment with no expectations or projections.)
  3. Breathing out: visualise your false concepts, ignorance of true reality, flowing out from your breath and brow as black rays of light, so that you are now filled with Wisdom.
  4. Rest peacefully in that space for a while, or continue to meditate in your own way.

The Three Poisons

This Nine Breaths Meditation helps to dissolve the Three Poisons of mind which The Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, had realised to be the essence of what creates our own suffering in life.

Our grasping and clinging to a self that is impermanent is a futile exercise and leaves us grasping for more things, people, accoutrements, to solidify our sense of self-validation and survival. No matter how much we manage to accumulate, we are never satisfied. We are constantly pulling things toward ourselves. The peace of mature detachment eludes us while we grieve for the things and people we have lost.

Our hatred and aversions in life cause us great suffering as we push away things, people, circumstances, that we fear. Most of our daily fears are personal for us, and based on the conditions of past events. We cannot gain the peace of equanimity while we are still easily angered.

Both of these polarities, the pulling and pushing, are based on our ignorance of true reality. We tend to believe that all conditions are permanent, that everything is as real as our physical senses have been programmed by the brain to tell us they are. But the ‘solid’ world is made of vibrational frequencies that your brain interprets and paints for you.

These are difficult concepts that take a lot of contemplation to realise. But nonetheless, it should seem obvious to you that anger and grasping do not bring you peace. The wisdom of Spiritual reality is much closer to the Truth. And Compassionate Wisdom is the only path to peace and equanimity.

So give this meditation primer a try. The mind is infinitely powerful, and you may find that each day you are becoming more settled and accepting of life, without any trace of the dissatisfied victim or angry warrior.

And then you can go out into the world, fearlessly, to live your Exceptional Purpose for the benefit of us all!

. . . The most important thing is to remember to BREATHE!

Please do leave a comment, below. Tell us what you think, and if you have tried this practice, or are willing to give it a go. I’d love to hear your feedback.


Kerrie Redgate 2016

Technique from The Great Seal of Voidness, 1st Panchen Lama (1570-1662); cited in Four Essential Buddhist Texts (Dharamsala: Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, revised 1982).

¹ The precise fingers used differ between various Tibetan teachers. In Lama Yeshe‘s account in his book, The Bliss of Inner Fire (Massachusetts: Wisdom Publications, 1998), he states that one should hold the left nostril closed with the back of the right index finger; in the next round, the right nostril is then blocked with the front of the same right index finger (in this way you don’t need to switch hands).
Lama Yeshe had also suggested that if you prefer to associate with the blessings of the Mother Tantra, you may begin by breathing through the left nostril, the female side.
Lama Tsongkhapa (14th century founder of the Gelugpa Tibetan order) had taught to begin this meditation by breathing in through the right nostril.
Accompanying my teenage practice of hatha yoga in 1968, I was later introduced to a style of this process that did not use any finger at all! One was to visualise the prana/breath moving in one nostril and out the other. With some practice, it is actually possible to control this flow of air with the mind alone.
—Obviously, these matters are a point of choice for you, so do what is most comfortable and feels right: remember, intention is everything

You will find more on my Reiki courses at my dedicated site Reiki.ExceptionalPurpose.com.

Note: One of my forthcoming 2024-5 books elaborates on the various Pluto sub-generations and the transiting effects of Pluto in this regard. Stay connected to get the publishing dates and discounts.

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